Thursday, 23 May 2019

Review #51: Lady Sloth Summer Bolero

Literally the day that we left for Tokyo a package arrived in my mailbox - a new chiffon bolero from Lady Sloth. I tucked it away until I came back and now, finally, I've taken photos (though they are both few and terrible, my apologies for that) and can post my review!

As usual, a little backstory. In January Lady Sloth announced a sale on Instagram and I got excited. I had wanted a new short sleeved brown bolero as my handmade one is getting a bit worn, but hadn't managed to find anything. So I figured this was my chance!

However, as I placed my order I realised that only the regular size, not the 100cm+ bust size was discounted. I decided to go ahead with the order anyway, but was disappointed that the bolero was advertised as being on sale but that it wasn't across all the sizes. I mean, I could have contacted Lady Sloth and they may have sorted something out or clarified their advertising, but honestly I couldn't be bothered!

The item was listed as having a 2-6 week handling time, and overall it took about 10 weeks for my bolero to reach me. I ordered January 29 and it arrived April 8. Between that and the pricing thing I was not entirely happy with the ordering experience, but also not overly put out. I tend to be pretty chill in that regard!

Once I got back from Tokyo and got around to opening the package, I was pleased. Lady Sloth seem to have upped their packaging since I last bought from them, as there was a cute sticker on the package and postcards inside.

And as for the bolero itself? It's pretty, well made, a lovely shade of chocolate brown, and exactly what I ordered. As it's a fairly basic piece I'm not excited about it, but it's something my wardrobe needed and I'm glad that I got it. The only negative is that it sits a little oddly across my bust, but I think that may be because I'm a little taller than average and didn't specify my height when providing measurements. Overall I'm quite happy with the bolero and can recommend Lady Sloth for blouses and boleros in the colours you need, but may be having trouble finding.

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