Sunday, 4 August 2019

AYWI30C #17: Something you really like, but wouldn’t wear

Okay, so this prompt was really freaking hard! Every option I thought of was easily followed by thoughts of the kind scenario I would happily wear it for. Yes, a lot of those situations were photoshoots, but still! I was really wracking my brain to try and figure out something that I like but couldn't see myself wearing. Serious, I was stumped.

Inspiration finally struck when I got my July haul in...

See, I love Jurassic Party, but the colour is a rare one in my wardrobe so my options are limited. This new cutsew really opens up my options...but I don't see myself wearing this skirt in this way!

Which is kind of a pity. I really like this look and I think I managed to nail the colour balance pretty well despite not having much that matches the dark purple.

But overall, it's both a little too monochromatic and a little too lavender for my tastes. I'm really enjoying adding more lavender into my lolita wardrobe, and am planning to add more purple as well, but for now, it's a bit much all together.

Which is not to say that it won't change! Even seeing this outfit out made me fall a little bit in love. I just don't think it's enough love when there's so many other ways I could coordinate this skirt that feel more "me".

In a weird way I was both happy and sad to have finally come up with a coordinate for this prompt. I'm glad that the topic is ticked off the list and I can move forwards, but it's an odd, bittersweeet feeling to put together something pretty and still not get excited to wear it.

What about you? Would you wear this coordinate?


  1. Given how notorious lavender is to match, I think you did a great job matching it, let alone with that darker shade. It is objectively a very cute outfit - yet even in the photos it feels like that spark of true joy is missing. This feels like a great outfit that you could put together with this skirt with what you have now, but one that doesn't have anything majorly special going on for it, which translates into it not being the one to wear asap. For someone with a different (more lavender-based?) style it'd probably be spot on though!

    1. Thank you! I think you summed it up well though - it's nice, but it's just not *there*, at least not for me.