Thursday, 8 August 2019

AYWI30C #18: An outfit you love but haven’t worn out yet

I don't tend to put together outfits in my head until I have a reason for it like and event or a shoot or a blog posts. So when I came to this topic I didn't have a mental snapshot of an outfit good to go. But I knew pretty quickly what it needed to be - my dream dress that I haven't worn yet, Dim Light.

I love Dim Light - always have, and always will. The only reason I haven't worn it to death is because I am very slow at making good on my resolutions to actually get fit and loose weight, so it's never actually fit me. So when I put this outfit together, I tried to just do what I'd actually most like to wear when that glorious day arrives.

Luckily for me, my Lyris Design bolero (that goes with my wedding dress) is a perfect match for the darker shade of red in the dress. The chiffon ruffles and vaguely military cut also go perfectly with the dress!

I also chose to use the same necklace I wore for my wedding...some things just go together, okay?

Ahem, and my wedding shoes. Honestly wine plays a surprisingly small role in my lolita wardrobe given that I own three wine JSKs and a wine coloured skirt as well. My only matching pieces (not including legwear and headwear) are these shoes, the bolero I used, and an Axes Femme blouse. In particular, putting this coord together made me realise I really want to get a wine coloured bag to round out my supporting pieces. Any excuse to shop!

But enough rambling about wine coloured clothes, more about this particular outfit. I kept all the accessories simple - this is me we're talking about!

And of course, that meant that my headwear consists of a beret, a bow, and some flowers. What else? I also love that the beret matches the brighter wine shade of the dress - this whole outfit is quite well balanced, colour-wise, which I'm pleased about.

I've also come to realised that wine is the classic lolita's answer to pink - matching shades is always going to be a headache! But still, I love it, and cannot wait until I can wear this outfit ^__^


  1. I love how you went with a more wearable, yet still elegant outfit. My heart would've probably yearned to do something OTT classic with this, but that's just asking for "let's save it for a special occasion" kind of thing. This outfit is literaly a case of "as soon as I fit, I'm wearing this", which is a way healthier attitude.

    1. Thank you ^__^ I mean, I'm going to also do some massively OTT looks once I fit this dress but this is for sure a lot more "me".