Sunday, 21 June 2015

Lolita 52: 5 keywords that describe my personal lolita style

This was surprisingly hard to do, believe it or not, and I feel like someone reading my list of keywords would get a very different sense of my style than I mean them to. So I'm going to elaborate a bit about what I mean.


Lolita is not really a simple fashion, but by this I mean mostly that I don't accessorise much at all. The only jewellery I regularly wear [both in lolita and with regular clothes] is the silver bracelet James made me when we were first together. My outfits are very everyday, wearable things, except for photoshoots, but that's a different kettle of fish entirely.

I love the simple elegance of Innocent World's styling.


I adore coloured blouses in lolita! And colourful dresses too. This also reflects a growing trend in all my clothing choices; if it can be colourful, it is. Neutrals are still great but colours make me so happy I'm trying to wear more of them regardless of what fashion style I'm in. Though my lolita collection is fairly standard at the moment nearly everything I'm hoping to add in the near-ish future is at least somewhat colourful.

Colourful and casual? Yes please! 
I need to figure out a good cutsew pattern...


With my love of berets and aforementioned tastes for simplicity and colour, sometimes I find my lolita style trends a bit to the retro side. And I love it! I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate some more 60s style elements into lolita. I suppose another way of saying this is that I'm looking to maybe start wearing lolita in a more otome way, but for now what I actually wear isn't otome at all but I do think there's a bit of a retro vibe there.

I'm cure I can use my cherry skirt for something cute and retro...


I'm a "cute" person overall, and that translates into lolita. I'm not "elegant" or "sexy" but damn am I cute. So I don't really wear particularly classy lolita coords and even when I do go more classic or gothic I still feel cute in them.

Shhh I just think this is a cute picture of myself ^__^


I don't wear make-up outside of photoshoots and special events. Ergo, I don't wear make-up with lolita. According to a lot of people, that's a big no-no but with my style being on the more casual side anyway I feel it works. I'm lucky in that I have clear skin and good features so I don't "need" make-up for my day-to-day life [as an aside, I hate the fact that women are made to feel they "need make-up", it's such a disgusting idea that women are inherently flawed and need physical improvement just to go out in public, ugh... though of course, if you wear make-up because you enjoy it or it makes you confident, that's great, but I hate the idea of "needing" it. /rant] and I also prefer simple hairstyles as well. I never curl or straighten my hair except for those same situations in which I'd be wearing make-up, so my go-to styles are just loose, which I love now that my hair is long, braids or buns. Sometimes I'll wear a clip-in fringe as well for a different look.

An everyday look featuring zero make-up, my glasses and minimal effort hair.

So those are the five keywords I'd pick to describe my lolita style. What words would you use for your own?

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