Sunday, 18 February 2018

Around your wardrobe in 30 coordinates; a lolita coordinate challenge

For a long time I've been working my way through the Lolita 52 topics but finished the last of those off in December last year. I have another blog challenge I want to do, but I've had one of my own in my head for a while so wanted to do that first!

Since I really enjoy stretching the possibilities of one’s lolita collection I thought what better thing to do as a challenge come up with than a list of ideas designed to explore just what you can do with your wardrobe? And so "Around your wardrobe in 30 coordinates" or AYWI30C (I'm the best at titles /s) was born!

Even though I put this together with challenging myself in mind of course I’d really love to see the results if anyone else uses these prompts. So if you do, please drop a link in the comments so I can check it out! Of course, with me being the verbose person I am, I won’t just be posting a snapshot and calling it a day, these are really going to delve into the depths of my wardrobe!

But enough preamble, onto the prompts!

  1. Your trademark look
  2. Something casual
  3. Something OTT
  4. A monochrome outfit
  5. An unexpected colour combination
  6. Channel a lolita era
  7. As sweet as you can go
  8. As classic as you can go
  9. As gothic as you can go
  10. Pick a substyle
  11. Inspired by a character
  12. Inspired by another lolita
  13. Inspired by a historical era
  14. Inspired by a mainstream fashion trend
  15. Follow the rules
  16. Break the rules
  17. Something you really like, but wouldn’t wear
  18. An outfit you love but haven’t worn out yet
  19. Based around a particular top
  20. Based around a certain accessory
  21. Based around your favourite shoes
  22. Based around some interesting legwear
  23. Using your most worn main piece
  24. Using your least worn main piece
  25. Using you newest wardrobe addition
  26. Using the thing you bought first that you still have
  27. From a single brand
  28. From as many brands as possible
  29. To suit a particular hairstyle
  30. To suit a certain make-up look

So you can expect to see a lot of flat lays from me again in the near future! I intend to make outfits that are more "complete" than what I normally post, with bags, jewellery and the whole shebang. It's going to be fun!

I’m looking forward to posting about the coordinates I come up with for this challenge, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!


  1. This sounds like such an amazing challenge to do! I'm definitely doing it at some point, although with some of the prompts I feel like a flatlay isn't enough (like the last two with hair and makeup). I'll have to think this over a quieter moment at work whether to stick to flatlays or upgrade to worn versions, but one way or another this will happen. Look forward to your versions too!

    1. So glad to hear you'll be giving it a try! For those ones I was planning on just showing a picture of the intended hairstyle or makeup and then doing a flatlay for it, but worn coords would definitely take this whole challenge up a notch.