Monday, 30 April 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: April 2018

I really do like reading other people's blogs. Like, a lot. And I hope you'll enjoy reading these posts from the last month as well!

Wa Lolita VI – Kimono + dress
I don't know if I'll ever try wa lolita, but if I do I know what blog I'm turning to for guidance on how to do a good job! This post even has an explanatory gif!

Finding harmony in Lolita Fashion and the Konmari method from Justine Chantelle
This was an interesting read, especially because it emphasised that true konmari is not just minimalism, but keeping only the things that make you happy. And who's to say that you can't have lots of things that make you happy?

Easter in Wales from Cupcake Kamisama
Have you ever worn lolita for every day of a holiday? I certainly haven't...but now I'm kind of inspired to give it a try next time I'm on a short holiday.

2014: 4 Stages of Lolita Pregnancy from RuffleClouds Adventures
This post was an interesting look at how the blogger wore lolita whilst pregnant. Every so often this is topic that gets brought up online so I thought it was a good post to share.

Winter Favourites! ~ from Petite Tomoyo
Cute lifestyle posts like this make me really happy, I like getting a glimpse into people's lives.

Angelic Pretty Otome Tutu Doll - A photoshoot by the lake (again)! from Ruban Rose
Seeing other people's lolita photoshoots always makes me want to go out and do more of my own. And this shoot is so pretty, she looks so happy and also, coord is on point!

UFO Friday from Hedgefairy Tales
I love reading about the modifications people make to their lolita items! It gives me the courage to proceed with my own...

Velvetree CD release from Auris Lothol
Sharing this because...a lolita band?!?! Yes! I'd never heard of Velvetree (unsurprising, because when do you ever hear about starting out bands in other countries?) but I took a listen on Bandcamp and I like. Also, as usual, the blogger's coord is very cute!

Mimicking Old School Photos from Cynical Neo-Princessism
I really enjoy this lolita's old school coords. I mean, I wouldn't ever wear genuine frumpy old school like she (and some other girls) does but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy her dedication to this aesthetic.

Hope you enjoyed!