Monday, 9 April 2018

Review #49: Madillustration

Brooches are most definitely a thing in lolita style these days. I think the trend has actually reached its peak now, and will possibly go into decline soon. Typically, I'm only now getting into it myself. I have, admittedly, long admired the brooches that brand like Peppermint Fox put out, but have never been able to justify the cost. But when MadIllustration put up their latest pre-order I decided that now was the time.

Side note: I think this ties in with my recent realisation that I'm kind of more into sweet lolita than classic. The PepFox items, while gorgeous, are definitely more classic leaning, but when MadIllustration put up these sweet things it was just love.

Anyhow, onto the brooches! I pre-ordered the Rose Water and Macaron Box brooches, and also grabbed a Fairytale Forest Deer Badge, because deer. I placed my order on February 11 and received a notification that it has shipping on March 14, which I think is a decent time for a pre-order. I received the package itself on March 26 and happily opened it after coming home from work. The postage satchel had my name on the top in lovely calligraphy, and was decorated with a Madillustration sticker. Inside the satchel, the individually packaged brooches and a thank you note were all in a pretty pink-and-white striped paper bag sealed shut with a croissant sticker. All in all, an adorable package.

The brooch that I wanted most was the macaron one. It’s colourful macarons! In a pink box! Shaped like a book! How much win is that? It's so cute IRL as well, just exactly what you want. I was a wee bit frivolous with the flower bottle brooch, but I thought it might make for a good match with my Metamorphose Flower Bottle skirt, and it is. And lastly, as I mentioned, I grabbed the deer badge because it was cheap and had a deer on it. In case you haven’t noticed I have a bit of a thing for deer stuff in lolita! Though admittedly, this is my first deer item that is not simply fawn fur. I hope I’m not expanding my addiction…

It's a match!

All in all everything was really nice - exactly accurate to the stock pictures and feeling very sturdy to the touch. I imagine I'll get a lot of wear out of these without having to worry about damages, which is nice.

A shot of the backs, because I can.

The only thing I'm worried about is that I may have to buy more brooches now... ^__^


  1. Madillustration makes amazing brooches. I got 4 from this series and have 0 regrets, they're absolutely worth it. And I like how they're so big, you can actually see them in coord shots, which is always nice.

    1. I saw on Instagram! Yeah, I'm loving these brooches - have already worn the macaron one.

  2. Those brooches are adorable! Especially the macaron one <3

    1. They really are super cute, I'm still in love ^__^