Friday, 16 March 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: What Has Become A Staple Piece In Your Wardrobe And Why?

As soon as I saw this LBC prompt I knew what my answer would be – my two Jillian cutsews from the Black Ribbon.

Basically, ever since I bought these cutsews I have worn them, and worn them hard. I have worn lolita 21 times since receiving these, and have worn one of them for 6 of those outfits. A full quarter! That's a lot! And a very good testament to how good these have been for me.

Some of my outfits with them...I'm wearing skirts so much more since they came into my life!

What I really like about these tops is that they are made for lolita but are very toned down. No weird details, no clashing colours, just simple niceness. And given that I tend to wear fairly simple coordinates that makes them perfect for me. I know for a fact that without these I would not be wearing lolita to work anywhere near as much as I have been, and probably not as much lolita in general. So they are definitely my most noteworthy current staple!

Love the subtle details ^__^

Of course, other items are staples as well; my handmade cherry skirt gets worn a lot, as does Berry Stripe and Bodyline L417. I practically live in beret and lace topped ankle socks. I don’t know where I’d be without all my little hairbows. Nearly every time I wear black I wear by Bodyline flats and often when I wear brown I pull out my handmade brown bolero. I definitely have a number of pieces I reach for more readily than others that are true staples of my wardrobe and it was fun to have a bit of a think about what they are.

But yes, these cutsews are my current number one staple ^__^

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  1. I love the cutsews! They look cute but incredibly comfy at the same time. That lace is awww...

    1. They really are comfy-but-cute, that's why I love them!