Wednesday, 28 March 2018

AYWI20C #3: Something OTT

First of all...apologies for the pictures being kind of dark and yellow. It was a bad day for it but I was excited for this outfit and wanted to do it anyway.

And yeah, I am legit excited for this look! I was trying to channel the OTT sweet era, though it's probably still not OTT enough.

You can't do early 10s OTT sweet lolita without Angelic Pretty, so I had to use Wonder Party for this coordinate...and as much other AP as I could manage. The OTKS were a natural match and since I own the same shoes in black and pink it was only natural to do the mis-matched shoes! It'd be perfect with a black and pink split wig with the colours on the opposite sides to the shoes, don't you think?

I love the clashing patterns of the stripes on the socks versus the stripes on the dress. That kind of pattern mixing really helps push the coordinate further up the OTT scale.

And yes, the shoes. I am so pleased with the shoes! I have never worn OTT lolita like this, nor done the mis-matched shoes, but now I'm actually really excited to wear something like this (or maybe this exact outfit!) some day.

I also love how pretty all the accessories are together. I would maybe even add more bows to the hair, depending on what the hairstyle is. Just...all the bows...

What I like most about having so many little bows is that I can put in tiny hints of colours that are in the print, like mint. I can also match the blue from the OTKS which isn't featured anywhere else. OTT is the best for matching all the colours...because you can use all the colours ^__^

Wonder Party is such a great print for OTT, it was really fun to pull this look together. And I am super keen to do something OTT now!


  1. Now that is spot on 2010's OTT Sweet. I love the idea of mismatched shoes to mirror a split wig, that's a very nice touch. It would be interesting to try this on, although I can't really imagine either of us wearing this anywhere but a photoshoot or a fashion show :P

    1. I'm glad I managed to get the vibe right! Haha I'd love to see you try this kind of OTT, and I definitely want to do a photoshoot or something like this myself.

  2. I want to see you in those mismatched shoes! :D

    1. I think I'm going to do a photoshoot in this look eventually, so you will!