Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Review #48: Me Likes Tea

At the end of January I saw a beautiful thing pop up on Instagram – Me Likes Tea’s limited edition golden anniversary petticoats. I wanted to get a new a-line petti anyway, and these were so pretty that I figured why not just do it now and tick that item off my goal list? So that’s exactly what I did! Then, because I wouldn’t be me if I bought just one item, I also ordered a pair of bloomers and a set of hairclips.

The petticoat was made and ready to ship, though the other items had to be custom made. Shipping was a bit of a bitch, price-wise, so I went with Airmail rather than my preferred EMS. All in all I placed the order on January 30th and received it on March 13th, which is faster than I was expecting! I had the wrong email linked to my PayPal account so I didn't get any updates, but I didn't mind. Tai (the owner) was quite responsive to emails so I'm sure I could have asked for an update if I'd cared to.

 Within the shipping satchel was this pretty package.
Within the pretty package each item was separately bagged and labelled.

As far as reviews go, let’s start with the star of the show, the petticoat. I’ve been saying I want a better a-line petticoat for a while now, since my current one is from Leg Avenue and is not particularly noteworthy. However, since my existing one has done the job for so long this never seemed like a pressing concern…until I realised that it’s also actually too short for Berry Stripe! And if it don’t work for one of my current favourite dresses then it don’t work for me! So I was actually planning to be proactive on getting a new petti this year and it just so happened to happen earlier than expected!

And oh my goodness, this petticoat is just wow. Like, I almost have no words for it. It is gorgeous. I was amazed. James was amazed! It has a waist ribbon and the lace on the hem is gorgeous and beaded. Can I say a petticoat is a work of art? Because if so, it is! Seriously, this thing is beautiful and I am probably going to get some good use out of it as a skirt for creative photoshoots on its own!

On a slightly more actual serious review kind of note, the petticoat also seems to be a great product - I see why a lot of people swear by their Me Likes Tea pettis! It's very well made and has a lot of poof. It's exactly what I needed. The only downside, and this is an inevitability rather than a flaw, is that the metallic lace is scratchy. But like I say, that's just what you get with metallic lace.

The bloomers (pintuck long style) were not quite an impulse purchase, but certainly not something I truly badly needed. However, they are handy to have and I didn’t have a longer white (ivory, whatever) pair so these were a sensible buy. A sensible buy that turned out to be pretty amazing!

All that gushing over the petti? Let's just repeat that with the details changed. These bloomers are severely nice. Probably the best bloomers I own, and I do own one Innocent World pair! The only downside is that now I have a good pair that properly fit I have no excuse to go around bloomer-less...which I have been doing...ooops...

Last of all, the hair clips (Carola's Tea Ties) actually fill a wardrobe gap as I didn’t own anything small and black and white, so I’m really happy to have them. Not much to say about them really except that, like everything else, they are well made and accurate to the stock pictures!

All in all I am very impressed with the items I received; they are accurate to the stock images, well made, and overall very nice. A random note that I'll mention now is that everything smelled good! Normally new items smell a bit harsh and new...but these smelled like they'd been nicely laundered. So nice.

In conclusion I am really pleased to have bought from another indie brand, and strongly suspect that if/when I need another new petticoat (which may be soon, the lining has started to rip on my Classical Puppets bell petti...) I'll be a returning customer to Me Likes Tea.


  1. It looks luxurious! And OMG that packaging, they really do it in big style...

    1. I am really very impressed with it all!

  2. My dear Caroline!
    I only found out about this review now and I felt my heart melt with such warm compliments on my work.
    There is a long way to go and a lot to improve but you made me fell like I'm in the right direction!
    I apologise for the expensive shipping fee, unfortunately I wasn't able to find a cheaper carrier yet, but I'm working on that and hopefully in the near future I'll be able to offer a faster and cheaper shipping to my customers.

    Once again, thank you so much for helping to make this years anniversary so special!
    Thank you so much for the review as well!

    I hope to see you around again soon, I'm working on a lot of changes in the shop and hopefully by the next anniversary there will be a lot more reasons to celebrate!

    Best regards,
    Tai <3

    1. Thank YOU for the beautiful products ^__^ Seriously, the petticoat is soooo freaking gorgeous, I love it!

      No apologies necessary for the post - you don't set the prices for it!

      Looking forward to seeing your new work ^__^