Saturday, 24 March 2018

I'm think I'm going to be a lolita bride

Did I get your attention with that blog title, lol? But it's true! Currently my plan is to be married in lolita ^__^

At first I felt a bit pretentious blogging about this but then I thought, hey, it's on topic for the blog and also I am super excited! And if I can't spray my excitement all over my own blog where can I? So there will be a few more wedding related posts over the course of the year. Consider yourselves warned.

A bit on the wedding a a general concept first. James and I are going to get married overseas, with our two best friends as witnesses. No actual wedding, just going to a registry office before continuing straight on to the honeymoon portion of being abroad. We'll celebrate with our family and friends once we return. But, being us, we still want to dress up nice and have lovely photos taken on the day.

My problem was that nothing really felt "me". I never wanted a big white confection of a dress, or anything conventional...I've modelled a few wedding dresses so I know that they're generally not me. I didn't want to go in a more Victorian steampunk direction because much as I love that aesthetic it felt costume-y to me. I toyed with the idea of something lacey and vintage styled, but lace is really expensive, and I was coming to realise I wasn't keen on spending lots of money on a one time only dress. Then one day at work I texted James just to tentatively float the idea of me wearing lolita for the big day. His reply (see why I love him?) was, to quote: "Fuck yeah!!!!!! We should totally do that!!!". So enthusiastic, much cute, wow. And it was decided; I am going to be a lolita bride!

I won't say I didn't look good, but I didn't look me!

Next I scoured the internet, looking at other people's bridal coordinates (both from their actual weddings and just wedding themed) and thinking about what dress I might like to wear both for the wedding, and afterwards. I'm not sure exactly when, but I saw Angelic Pretty's Dramatic Rose JSK in ivory, and decided that I'd found it. James likes this dress, it's one I've liked for a while (more in lavender than ivory, but ivory was my second favourite), and it's something that I could see myself wearing again. So I started scouring secondhand sites to find it for a decent price, so when it popped up on Mercari for 16k yen, with the matching canotier headdress no less, I leapt on the chance to snatch it up. In fact, I legit pumped my fist in the air and exclaimed "Fuck yeah!" which gave James a bit of a scare ^__^


I have a bit of a haul, including my future wedding dress, on it's way to my shopping service and will of course share it all when ti arrives, but I wanted to post about my intentions sooner rather than later. Because I'm excited! Getting married in lolita is just so me and I am really keen to start pulling together my entire coordinate. I'm going to have a veil, of course. And amazing flowers...and lovely shoes...and...and...and all the bridal things! I am so hyped!

Honest talk here for a moment, before I finish this post. I do have to lose as bit of weight before I fit into Dramatic Rose, and even then I may not like how it looks on me and may go in search of another dress. There's a slim chance I may even find an actual wedding dress that I love and that is affordable. But for now, I've found my lolita wedding dress and can start planning my entire coord! More posts on that to come ^__^

PS If you wore lolita for your big day tell me about it! I'd love to see pictures too! Lolita brides unite!


  1. I can't wait to read more about your coord plans! I'm so excited for you <3

  2. I have been thinking about it too! I love seeing bride lolitas!
    Followed you and added you to my blog roll <3

    1. Do it! And thank you for the follow ^__^

  3. I read this post so long ago now and still haven't commented, feel bad xP

    If you feel that Lolita will be the best bridal wear for you - then it is. And Dramatic Rose is a stunning dress which can easily be all kinds of bridal: OTT, elegant, vintage, classic, whatever you want it to be. So I sincerely hope that you'll be able to wear it to your ceremony, feel like the most stunning version of yourself ever and enjoy tying the knot with your fiancee.

    Recently, as a couple of weddings have cropped up for me, as well as with those Rufflechat discussions about Lolita as bridalwear, I started thinking about this myself. While I don't and never really envisioned myself as being a Lolita bride, I know that wearing Lolita has affected me in several ways that will make it harder to find a typical bridal dress for me, especially being picky about quality of fabric and lace - and that Lolita dresses are cheaper for the quality they are :P After watching hours of Say Yes To The Dress, I kind of have a vision of what I think I'd like to wear (always happy to have my mind changed). However, since I'd very likely have two ceremonies to celebrate both mine and my future groom's cultural heritage, it's possible that I'd wear Lolita to one of those. And after having a quick scour of Lolibrary, I realised that I like ivory (feels more elegant than white) and lacy JSKs, like AP's Blossom Princess, but I'm not set on that particular design - I can wait until it's actually time to buy it and then see what's around and for how much.

    As a massive lover of all things wedding, I'm really looking forward to more posts about that, I have a feeling that you'll get crafty and DIY some things and that everything will have that quirky vintage feel. (Also, I'd suggest Cheapest Weddings on Netflix as inspiration - although that's an Australian show, so maybe it's somewhere on television for you and only accessible via Netflix in the UK. Still good entertainment and good source of inspiration!)

    1. Don't feel bad!

      I know exactly what you mean about lolita making you picky about such things. I shudder at some bridal lace used! But based on the rest of your comment...are nuptials possibly in your near future too?

      Haha well, given that we're doing to super casual registry office thing there won't anything too dramatic to share, but I am definitely going to blog about my coord as it comes together, and show off wedding photos once we're back.

      Thanks for the show recommendation as well, I don't have a TV so I had no idea it existed!