Monday, 12 March 2018

AYWI30C #2: Something casual

I almost tripped myself over with this theme, because nearly everything I do is casual! So it stumped me for a moment to try and come up with soomething that was new and casual, without lookng like jsut another flatlay like I usually do.

What I ended up doing was coming up with something that is causal in the sense of comfort and ease of wear, but that still is rather detailed due to the pieces used. That's something I really love about lolita; because of the details inherent to basically ever item you use in a coordinate you can wear very easy pieces and still look really well dressed!

I haven't actually worn the tights used here yet (which is why they actually look nice laid out like this) but now I'm very excited to. In fact, I'm keen to wear this exact outfit! Which makes me happy, because I struggle a little to get excited about this skirt I made.

I also really enjoy how well the Axes Femme boots and bag match. I mean, it's not surprising given that they're from the same brand and bought at the same time, but still. The gobelin bag is an especial favourite of mine because I love how it gives a mis-matchy vintage vibe to any outfit that it's used in.

And this cutsew is just love! The lace is so pretty and it's just so simple and lovely. I really enjoy cutsews, almost more than blouses I think. Have to resist the urge to buy more...

For this look I'd go super simple with accessories; the matching headbow and a flower clip for colour balance, and a few little bracelets. It's enough to keep things interesting without adding too much.

As I said at the start, I actually really love this outfit. It's casual but so pretty, and I hope to wear it later this year!


  1. That is a great outfit. It might even be my favourite casual outfit I've seen, which says a lot. Like you said, it's very wearable and still very detailed, as well as has a couple of very vintage accents which really appeal to me. Please, do wear it, I'd love to see how it turns out worn :D

    1. I'm really glad you like it, and blushing a little that it's one of your favourite casual looks ^__^ And if I do wear I'll definitely share pics!

  2. I loved the way it is casual but at the same time very elegant!
    The piece that most draw my attention was this bag! it reminds me of a floral oldschool dress Mana wore in the earlys glb <3

    1. Thank you ^__^ I adore that bag, gobelin is so frumpy and oldschool and delightful!