Friday, 23 February 2018

AYWI30C #1: Your trademark look

I'm really excited to be posting my first entry from the "Around your wardrobe in 30 coordinates" challenge and I love the outfit I came up with!

This theme is "your trademark look" and rather than just replicating what I wear most commonly I took those components and came up with something new. Berry print? Check. Black top? Check. Red beret? Check. This really is my trademark look, and it was really fun to come up with a new spin on it!

As I mentioned in the intro post for this challenge, I'm doing more through outfits than I usually do. So I'm also going to be sharing accessory shots! Given that this is meant to be my trademark I didn't go too overboard, but wristcuffs are always a good choice and I liked using the Milk heart hairclip as it really tied in well with the skirt.

I really loved the combo of this cutsew with the Chocoberry skirt, it really took it up a level. It also makes me want to get more printed cutsews...which is dangerous!

I also tried using a different pair of OTKS than usual. In a sense, this outfit turned out to be a more OTT (though it isn't, not really) version of my usual look; there's a lot more patterns going on! But it still feels totally me and I really can't wait to wear it.

And as a final shot, because it may have been camouflaged in the full coord shot, I wanted to show how off my Milky Berry mini tote. I'm so glad I got this bag! I really do love my berry prints, and having a matching bag makes me stupidly happy.

Do you have a trademark look that's recognisably you?


  1. This definitely is a signature look for you. Even though I associate you with florals just as much as I do with berry prints on black, sincce this is what you wear more, it had to win. And it is such a wearable outfit that noone can blame you for picking this one over the florals. :)

    1. See, I want to do florals more but there's just something that pulls me back to black'n'berries again and again...who am I to fight fate?