Sunday, 4 February 2018

Angelic Pretty and Buyee haul

Not too long ago (but long enough that I feel like this post is super late, especially since technically this came in last month) I got in a nice little package from Buyee with a couple of things I bought on auction and a bunch of Angelic Pretty socks that were part of my Christmas present from James.

I actually really love the fact that you can just buy from sites like AP using Buyee. I mean, I didn’t get to gain or use any points like I would have if I’d logged in with my own account, but given that I’d have had to use Tenso (sister company to Buyee) to forward my package anyway I liked being able to do a little more shopping and have things shipped together. I am trying to not buy too much new stuff (though technically this was ordered in 2017 so whatever ^__^) so this is not a huge haul, but still makes me very happy! Buyee was Buyee and as usual I was pleased with their service.

First of all, behold the glory of my new socks! I’m so pleased to have gotten some nice plain options in my OTKS collection. And they are really good socks. The laces, of course, are gorgeous, and even on my currently fat legs they fit well.

But mostly I’m pleased with an item not pictured; a pair of little red crew socks! After I blogged about the things I regret not buying I saw these and (even though they’re not the exact same socks) almost made the same mistake of not buying! But then I put my foot down, and made myself spend the utterly ridiculous sum of ¥2700 on a nice pair of tiny little socks.

And they’ve already proven their worth as I wore them the day after the package arrived in a casual outfit to work. I really needed a pair of red ankle socks and I am very glad to have some now!

Behold, my new socks (and my face)

Moving onto my auction finds, I won a lot of assorted accessories: a BTSSB two-way clip and rectangle headdress along with a choker and hairclip from Liz Lisa. This was a bit of a frivolous purchase because I didn’t need any of these things, but my goodness I do like them!

The rectangle headdress is gorgeous, as is the other Baby clip, and what really impresses me on both is that the flowers are detachable! That really makes me happy on the bow clips especially, as the flowers are a good match for some things in my wardrobe, so I like that I can use them independently of the main clip itself. The Liz Lisa items are nice, nothing I would buy on their own, especially since the hairclip is a bit on the blingy side, but they are definitely nice pieces.

 Lolita bling ^__^

The last thing in this haul is the Chocolate Cards Cardigan from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I am gradually falling more and more in love with chocolate things so I was really happy to stumble upon this for a decent price! I’m not madly in love with the card suit theme, but to me it reads more chocolatey anyway and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of double theming.

So there we have my first lolita purchases of 2018!As you may have read in my 2018 goals post I’m planning to really minimise my lolita purchases this year so this may be the last post of this kind for a while!

Did you get any lolita items for Christmas (or spend Christmas money on lolita)?


  1. I'm so happy you finally got a pair of red ankle socks! They look so cute with that outfit.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I'm really chuffed I have them!

  2. I remember seeing that foot shot on your Instagram and thinking "Yay, you got them!". As long as they're getting worn, then it's not money thrown away for some fancy and with Australia currently being in the middle of summer, I'm sure you'll get your money's worth out of them. Great haul! :D

    1. Haha yay! I'm loving them (even though I haven't worn them a second time yet) ^__^

  3. Lovely haul, I love good lace on solid color socks and headdresses!! Very cohesive, too, I can see all of these easily worked into your wardrobe, and that work coord photo is cute!

    1. Thanks, I'm really happy with everything (and thanks for saying my work coord pic was cute, make me happy!) ^__^