Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: February 2018

For some reason February felt really quiet on the blogging front! Perhaps everyone was lethargic after doing their January wardrobe posts...

Regardless, as usual, I read a lot few things I liked and some things that I loved, and the loves are shared below.

Eternita–Fall/Winter–Grown Up Alice in Wonderland Magazine from Miss Carol Belle
I'm not much of a magazine person, but seeing scans like this kind of makes me want to be! With the Gothic and Lolita Bible and KERA magazine having left us, I'm glad when bloggers take the time to showcase some of the newer publications.

Why are some dresses so expensive? from Rosie Darling
An LBC topic that I didn't participate in turned out to be one that I really loved reading about! This was my favourite analysis of the several that were posted, but as is usual with LBC posts there are links to the other participants at the end so there's more to read if you're interested in getting some other perspectives.

The Princess Code from Hedgefairy Tales
This is a relic from the lolita blogging past! I'm pretty sure Princess Skye was already inactive when I began in lolita so seeing The Princess Code resurrected for posterity makes me weirdly nostalgic for something I was never around for in the first place. Like with this blogger, I'm not totally on board with the Code, but I still loved seeing this post pop up in my dash. And also, A Little Princess is a fantastic book that I thoroughly recommend.

Comm meet: Antique Fairy Tales from Sanakanin
Go to this post and feast your eyes on all the pretty photos! Man, I really want to attend a photoshoot meetup...

Solid or Prints, what is my favourite? from Poppy Noir
Another LBC topic I didn't participate in, partially because I don't quite know my own opinion! Though, like this blogger, I would probably go for prints over solids if I had to choose. But I'm very, very pleased that I don't have to choose!

2018 from Buttcape
I'm not much of a one for personal blogs, but I do like getting little life updates from the bloggers I enjoy reading already!

Getting a whole series, and in different colours?! from Ruban Rose
Pretty photos, a lovely outfit, and a musing on owning multiple pieces from a series. This post was basically all the things that I love in lolita blog posts ^__^

Where there any particular lolita blog posts you really liked this month that I haven't shared here? If so, drop me a link!


  1. Aww, I got a mention! Thank you so much for linking to my post!
    I absolutely adored Skye back then and am still a bit sad that she stopped blogging altogether, but at least the Code endures. ^^

    1. Thank YOU so much for having an awesome blog I enjoy reading!