Sunday, 27 August 2017

August Auctions Haul

As I mentioned in my July haul post, one lonely pair of OTKS missed my shipping deadline. And I get grumpy about having to pay shipping on small items, so naturally I had to keep browsing Yahoo Japan and find a few more things to make an order I wouldn’t feel horrid about paying shipping on. Especially coming so soon after my last haul, I feel a wee bit guilty about buying so much stuff but ah well. I also feel outrageously happy about buying so much stuff!

This little haul ended up being wholly Angelic Pretty and Innocent's a bit odd for me to have such little brand variety in a lot of things from Japanese auctions. Also, before I chat a little about all the individual items I want to point out that the shot above of everything together is most accurate to colours. And with that's a little about everything I bought!

So the item that started this lot off was a pair of Angelic Pretty Candy Border OTKS. They are definitely a bit frivolous, but now that I own Wonder Party as well as Patisserie Dream I figured they were worth getting as a perfect match for those two main pieces. Also, they are just really, really cute!

Then I bought...another pair of OTKS! Making up for all the socks I didn't buy in the last haul, lol. These ones are the Cosette Rose OTKS from Innocent World and totally, utterly gorgeous. What I love is that they are a lighter bordeaux colour than my other socks so they match things slightly differently, which I love.

Next I bid on two more pairs of OTKS. Seriously, don't judge me. Again these are from Innocent World and one pair, the cream and brown Versailles OTKS, are actually a pair I attempted to purchase a couple of years ago! The other pair are the Lucienne OTKS and I adore both pairs. Again, even though I have socks that are similar already, these are different enough that they really give me some good variety in my legwear collection.

I also bid on a pair of Innocent World cutsews – the same one in brown and black. Even though I’ve had good luck with cutsews from other brands, these seemed rather small, but they were also fairly cheap and very cute so I decided to get them anyway, and I am super happy to say that they fit! They are definitely not a good fit, but a bit more weight down and they'll be great. They definitely don't fit only a 78cm bust!

And they are super gorgeous. So darn cute! James wanted to steal them for the model wardrobe...

Lastly, I bought a set of sweet lolita OTKS this was a pretty frivolous purchase, but I didn’t have anything pink and neutrally patterned, so it does fill a wardrobe gap (just not a very important one). When I bought them I intended to keep two pairs, but get rid of the music notes ones, since that's not a theme I ever intend to add to my wardrobe. And that's exactly what I'll do. I did contemplate keeping only one pink pair but the pinks are actually different tones (one warm, on cool) so they're both staying with me!

All in all I’m really happy with this haul…and I really love pretty socks! However, I’m going to try and be really, really good in regards to lolita purchases for the rest of the year. I have one thing in the pipeline potentially, but other than that I really want to give buying a break until it’s lucky pack time again around Christmas!


  1. A tsunami of socks. The cutsews are cute.
    I don't but brand cutsews, because I worried about the length.

    1. So many socks, and that's just the way I like it!

      How tall are you? I'm 167cm and they are a bit short on me, but most of the time not too badly.

    2. I am 169cm, but my torso is longer than average.

    3. Ah fair enough then. Hopefully you can find some good offbrand cutsews :)