Saturday, 4 March 2017

February auctions haul

I know that it seems like I’ve been buying a lot of stuff, with this being posted so soon after my Lolita Desu lucky pack review, but that was technically ordered in December so I’m not really that much of a shopaholic…right? But anyhow, here is a little haul I’ve made recently from Yahoo Japan via Buyee. This actually arrived last week before I went to the swap meet, but I wanted to post about the meet first!

One of these things is not like the others…

I got a lot of little things this time around, and it turned out to be a very Angelic Pretty focused sweet lolita haul…

Starting off with the thing that is the most unexpected; AP jewellery (and a Milk hairclip)! Part of me loves sweet loves Angelic Pretty plastic jewellery but unless I become a heck of a lot richer it is not something I would ever buy new, or even at most secondhand prices. But I won this set at 1400 yen, which was not unreasonable at all (though still a bit frivolous, I admit, especially when you factor in shipping and fees on top of it). It is a bit ridiculous, I know, but black and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations and I have absolutely nothing like these pieces in my jewellery collection.

Then we have the pieces that started it all, Candy Fun Fair OTKS and a Melty Chocolate headbow. Even though I really don’t need them, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of OTKS to match Jurassic Party, and since I like pairing that skirt with pink these seemed like a good option. And the headbow was cute so I figured why not? Admittedly, from the sellers photos I couldn’t tell if the headbow was pink and black or pink and brown, though I eventually figured from stock photos it was the former. But I’d have been happy with either so it wasn’t a big deal that I couldn’t tell!

From socks to more socks I also bought a bulk lot of assorted OTKS. In the end I am only keeping the Metamorphose Sweet Cherry pair and the Jane Marple ones on the far right...though how cute are the Baby and IW pairs?

Then from socks to…even more socks? That’s right, I am vaguely obsessed with lolita OTKS. This pair, Angelic Pretty’s Ribbon Ribbon Going Out OTKS, was just too cute to pass up!

At last, we have something not sock related, but still distinctly in sweet lolita territory like nearly everything else in this order…two pairs of Angelic Pretty wristcuffs! One pair is Melty Chocolate (I’m really on a theme here, aren’t I?) and I’m not sure about the pink pair but they sure are adorable. Since I did have adding pink wristcuffs on my 2017 goal list this was certainly a fully successful purchase ^__^

Continuing the sweet theme but heading back to bittersweet, this gorgeous AP bag was a bit of an impulse purchase but like I repeatedly say – I like black and pink. It’s quite an old piece, as you can tell by its label, and is in really great condition for that! There are a few minor marks on the outside, but you can only see them if you look for it.

And finally, the biggest piece of the haul and the only non-sweet item; the Classical Bustle JSK from Innocent World. At 4000 yen this was the most expensive item in my haul, but at that price how could I not buy it? It's really, really gorgeous and I can't wait to figure out some good outfits for it.

So there's my recent haul!


  1. Lovely pieces. I like all the jewelry, even it is sad to see one of bracelets is broken. I think IW jsk is a steal for 4000 yen.

    1. Which bracelet is broken? I didn't notice any flaws to either of them...

    2. I think background tricked me to think there was something missing on striped one.

  2. I really love a good auction haul! There are so many little bits there that you'd struggle to find for a similar price elsewhere - but my issue is always amassing enough of the little bits in the time that shopping services offer before charging you for storage to make the postage worth it. Because when you get an Y800 accessory, pretty much all shipping options will be twice the value of your item. But you're not guaranteed finding enough other things you like to create a haul worthy of posting. Unless you're lucky with your finds or have an incredible shopping service who can keep things for you for a while, there's always that risk that you'll overpay for postage. Or will end up impulse buying to justify sending the one small bit you really wanted. :P

    1. Me too! And yeah, I know what you mean about fees and shipping really adding up - Buyee is good/terrible in that they don't charge you domestic shipping until you are also paying international shipping, which means I don't think about it until the end...