Sunday, 19 March 2017

Project 333 Take 3

Believe it or not, I've been working on this hypothetical Project 333 inspired lolita capsule wardrobe since I posted the last one. Speaking of that last one, I wasn't so pleased with how versatile it turned out - yes, it was thematically diverse but not in terms of colour or even really style overall. So this wardrobe was a long time in the works as I tweaked and tweaked and tried to come up with something that was varied in theme, colour and style...and in the end, I think I did a pretty good job!

For this wardrobe I really made myself relax and picked things that worked together on colours while not focusing on theme so much. Buuuut...I ended up going fairly floral again, though it wasn't really intentional! Mostly I just tried to have thing be cohesive rather than matching, and tried to work in some quirkier pieces to make the wardrobe feel like it could go in unexpected directions and wasn't just same old, same old. Things like having the pair of ouji shorts and that epic Axes Femme gobelin jacket really helped lift this wardrobe up, I think.

And naturally, I had to put together some outfits for each main piece to show everything in action and honestly I think this is my best attempt at a capsule wardrobe yet!

See, I can do non-florals! Both the print and underbust cut made this JSK a bit of an outlier in the wardrobe, which I thought was pretty good. And these outfits provide both colour and seasonal variety.

This JSK allowed for even more variance in the coords. I really loved using the bowler hat - it gives a bit of otome-style quirk to some of the outfits! But as you can see in the two right-most coordinates, you can really vary what you do with this JSK in this particular wardrobe.

Style-wise, this wardrobe is on the sweeter end of classic for he most part, and this is definitely the sweetest main piece of all! So mostly I ran with sweet looks overall here. I actually really love the wintery look on the bottom left - so cosy!

This Innocent World OP I chose because, even though it's not OTT, it is a bit out there with it's very Victorian sleeves. This gives me such strong Anne of Green Gables vibe to be honest - puffed sleeves! But still, it can be worn in a few ways, from otome quirk to full blown lolita to fairly simple.

For this wardrobe I also tried to not depend so heavily on JSKs, though I still think they are the best and most versatile style of main piece, so here we have a second OP - this time plain and short sleeved. It can be dressed up or down, and the colour makes it both simple and noteworthy. I know, I know, cream is not really the most wearable colour but I think that's what makes this dress a really valuable inclusion to the wardrobe - it's a non-obvious statement piece that relies on colour, rather than cut or print.

Next, we have something that is really a stretch for me - ouji (or kodona, whatever...let's perhaps just call it boystyle). I figured if I really wanted to make this wardrobe as diverse as possible, they warranted an inclusion. Boystyle is pretty freaking cool, and the simple inclusion of this one pair of pants gives the hypothetical wearer something casual and comfortable and different to wear.

And then last of all some outfits featuring the lone skirt. This skirt is simple, but still quite elegant, and it certainly lends itself to a good range of outfits from super toned down to very lolita.

I think where I managed to succeed in this wardrobe is that though it is very versatile and you can get a range of looks from it, there aren't really any statement pieces (except, perhaps, the gobelin jacket). You can pull statement looks, to be sure, but even the cream OP that I called a "statement piece" doesn't make you go "wow", though some of the outfits might! Of course, to some this may make this wardrobe seem boring but to me it makes it really exciting. There's no "this is the OTT dress that can be worn to be super fancy" or "this is the casual skirt for relaxed outfits" - to differing extents each piece can be worn in dressier or more causal ways by virtue of the accompanying pieces rather than the main pieces themselves. And that's what I love in a lolita wardrobe!


  1. I think the meta dress is bit of statement piece, it is brighter and has fur collar.
    But it also could be the besutiful Axes Femme jacket. I like the inclusion of the pants, for relaxed days or places where gigant skirts is impossible.

    1. That's a true point, it certainly is the most unusual piece! To me though, the true winner is the jacket...I just love gobelin! Glad you liked it ^__^

  2. These outfit collages came out really beautiful and cohesive, I especially love the ouji one. :)

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed the ouji outfits way more than I thought I would!