Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Lolita 52: Something that’s not my style, but I love anyways

Two things immediately pooped to mind for this: regular sweet lolita and EGL! Neither are something I’d be comfortable wearing outside of a photoshoot but that I really, really love to see on other people.

By “regular” sweet lolita I mean basically anything that is pastelly with cute motifs. Dark coloured sweet, including things like chocolate prints, is fine, as is pastels in floral themes. Also oldschool sweet is something I’m fine with. But adorable AP pastel vomit? Silly cutesy Metmorphose prints? Circa 2008 OTT sweet? Early noughties simple sweet where white blouses and lace topped OTKs dominated? I adore those aesthetics but they are so very, very, very not me!

GLB scan from

EGL doesn’t need much explanation as to what I mean, but the reasons it’s not my style is because I have this weird inability to do goth, in any of its forms. I own a lot of black clothes, and many pieces that are typically goth, I really enjoy a lot of gothic styling and aesthetics, and I think I have a pretty good grasp of coordinating outfits, lolita and otherwise but goth…just eludes me! I really don’t know what it is so any variation of gothic fashion, including EGL, remains something I try to pull off for photoshoots, but that’s it. And even then I don’t tend to look very goth-y, just like I’m wearing black!

Mana in all his glory.

This post made me realise once again how much I love lolita. I adore the huge range of substyles we have to choose from and how that, though there are certain looks I don’t feel comfortable in there are plenty that I do. And what doesn’t work for me works for lotsof other girls so I get to live vicariously through those who can enjoy what I can’t! 


  1. I think the regurlar sweet is not my style. It can really amazing on others. But not on me.
    Even the sweet classic hybrid is not tempting me. Gothic is something I admire, but even I like black, I am not a person wearing black constantly. I think those weird blue and red contrasts is very outdated in a least century. Can we not bring the jewel tones back?
    Even they are even more old school than the others, but... I think they work better on big surfaces like maincolour a dress.

    1. You and me both! And oh my yes, more jewel tones would be fantastic.

  2. For me it'd probably be the big Rococo-inspired dresses (OPs maianly) with tonnes of details and *some* of the special release $1000+ dresses (mainly from Baby). Even though OTT stuff falls within my style, the OTT Rococo inspired one doesn't, but as gorgeous as it looks, you'd be too scared to wear it to anything when it's this pricey.

    1. Ohhhh yeah definitely! They are gorgeous but