Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The little brown dress; Lyris Design outfits

This JSK is, without question, one of my favourite lolita dresses. Possibly the favourite. I think, if I could only keep on JSK it would be this. I mean, I would be sad about ti an it would be a very very hard decision, but I really do love this one. It's exactly what I want, which is as it should be, since it was a custom commission.

If you're interested in reading my original review of this JSK, please click here.

First up, I paired Lyris Design with more Lyris Design! I think she used the same, or at least remarkable similar, fabrics for the JSK and the steampunk bodice, and they pair together really nicely. I feel like some more steampunky tights and maybe a gold hairpiece would make this pop, but as is I think it's a very cute steampunk lolita look.

Next I pulled out my trusty Axes Femme blouse to do a more casual classic look. I love this, I really do. It's simple but not boring and all the burgundies match really nicely!

Lastly, I tried a sweeter look with pink and hints of blue. I feel like a little blue ribbon tied in a bow under the blouse collar would complete this look perfectly, but even as it is I rather like it.

I know I probably sounds like a broken record, singing the praises of solid coloured main pieces on this blog all the time, but I think this post really shows that there's nothing boring about non-prints in lolita. If anything, they give you a great opportunity to showcase all the details that can sometimes be overwhelmed in a printed piece.


  1. A lovely piece. Solids can something prints can't do. But I think variation is important. I have hard time coordinating my op compared to my printed skirt! But lace can't beat a good berry/ floral print as my yolanda skirt are.

    1. I'm all for variation, unless you're someone with a very specific niche of style.

  2. That is a very lovely dress, that lace at the bottom is amazing. I'm definitely getting more into non-printed dresses, but because they're solid I have a lot higher expectations in terms of quality and in terms of price. Although I feel like if you're trying to match a solid colour JSK you can't hide mismatched colours as well as you can with a print :P

    1. I completely agree about having higher expectations for solids, if this wasn't so meticulously made I know I wouldn't love it quite so much.