Tuesday, 4 October 2016

It's my birthday...

...but no tears from me! Though I am at work right now (scheduled posting for the win) so that's a bit meh, but it was proceeded by a long weekend due to Labour Day which was awesome. So many computer games and binge-watching shows, mostly Luke Cage. Also donated blood yesterday, and re-dyed my tips on Sunday. So all in all a good pre-birthday long weekend.

I also got some very cool gifts! James bought me the boots of my teenaged dreams...

Yup, those ones ^__^ Also a pair of beige lolita heels that haven't arrived yet, and a copy of Garth Nix's new book Goldenhand. But I am still just over the moon about the boots!

My housemates Nat and Luke gifted me Sailor Moon merch! I never rally buy this kind of thing for myself, so this was pretty cool. There's also apparently something else in the mail, so all in all I'm pretty spoilt.

Also, Nat made me an experimental cake and James made me a batch of his cookies. I adore James's cookies, they are the best cookies.

So yeah, that's me right now. Not a lolita post (shock horror) but one I still wanted to share! How's life treating you right now, dear reader?


  1. Oh man, those boooooots! Hope you had an excellent birthday (although how could you not, with those boots in your life?!)

    1. Haha I know, right? They bring me loads and loads of joy. I did have a good day, thank you :)

  2. I hope your birthday was good, looks like people were spoiling you as much as they could've, which is what it's all about! :D

    I've just been sooo knackered recently, I need a longer break from work to catch up on my sleep and try to get over some of my fatigue. So not glamorous :P

    1. True that! My wonderful housemates also bough me tablet weaving supplies, which didn't arrive until the day after, which was super thoughtful since it was something I've wanted to try for a while.

      Oh I can understand that feeling! Are you going to be able to get a longer break sometime coon?

  3. Those boots are little too much in a good way. You are lucky with such good friends to spoil you.
    And even it is too late to say, Happy Birthday!
    My life could be better, I am not able to use my right arm without pain. And Painkillers seems not to work.

    1. Thank you ^__^

      You poor thing, that doesn't sound pleasant at all! DO you know what's causing the pain and can you fix it?