Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Lolita 52: How long it took me to build a complete wardrobe

This is a bit of a hard one to answer, because to an extent I still don’t feel that my wardrobe is wholly complete. It’s definitely well-rounded, and I can coordinate everything in a variety of ways, so if that is the yardstick then it certainly is complete now and has been since about a year ago, so after I’d been in the fashion for around three years. However, I know there are still some gaps I want to fill that perhaps are not essential but would make my wardrobe that much more complete.

A glimpse into my wardrobe...I arrange things by colour.

This topic is an interesting one because it really raises the question of what you consider a complete lolita wardrobe to be. Caro-chan of FYeahLolita in her post “Building a Complete Lolita Wardrobe” defined it as one where you can wear a different outfit every day for a week, and I’ve used this as my definition in my $500 Wardrobe posts. However, when I’ve done my Wardrobe Challenge posts I’ve come to feel more that my definition of complete lies in how versatile and well wearing a wardrobe is, rather than a particular size. It is complete if everything works together well.

So, if I were to distil that down into a single sentence, it would be this: A complete lolita wardrobe is one that is cohesive, regardless of overall size, which has multiple coording options for each main piece and no impossible-to-wear pieces.

I can now say that now I have defined my own version of what “complete” means in regards to lolita wardrobes, I can safely say that mine certainly is complete.

As for how long it took me, as I said at the start of this post I think it took me approximately three years, really. And I’ve been continually improving it since then, and have even further to go.


  1. I like your definition of a complete Lolita wardrobe, I think that's something to aspire to. Especially the "no impossible-to-wear pieces" clause! Impulse buys or "that isn't my usual style/colour scheme/cut, but I can't help but love it" buys can really tip the scales in an instant and then you're left with a feeling that this one item is somehow drilling a big hole in your otherwise very cohesive wardrobe. But it's through whether we make that piece work with the rest or leave it be that we find out how cohesive and complete one's Lolidrobe is.

    1. Thank you! I think part of a key to a versatile wardrobe, once you get out of small wardrobe territory, is enough neutral basics that nothing could ever be truly unwearable.

  2. I agree, but I am not on a point, I can say mine is complete yet.
    But I am almost there. I think my base is decent, but not impressive. Mainly because I am little bit same cut, different colour person.