Sunday, 9 October 2016

A wardrobe of flowers; L353 outfits

Would you look at that... it's a floral skirt! Sometimes I feel that for the sake of variety I should stray further away from floral pieces but I just love them so much!

This high-waited floral skirt from Bodyline is one of my favourites. It's easy to wear (and wash!) and is comfortable to boot. It goes with just about everything in my wardrobe and has just the right amount of detail that I like.

Though this skirt is obviously quite firmly in classic lolita territory, I wanted to put together an outfit that strayed a little closer to the sweet end of the spectrum. Not pictured are pink ankle socks to complete the casual summery vibe. I would wear this in a heartbeat, it's toned down but still very cute.

Next I pulled together another look I love that this time remains solidly in the typical classic lolita style. It may need a touch more red around the neckline to tie it all together perfectly; this is an instance where a necklace or brooch would really be the finishing touch.

On that note, I recently re-organised my jewellery and I am perhaps considering branching out a little more in that department. Though in all honesty, the model wardrobe collection is pretty expansive and I can borrow anything from there, so I may just end up getting a few more lolita-specific pieces and and calling it a day. Or, more likely, not making any changes in the jewellery direction at all.

For my third outfit I returned to this trusty blouse-and-shoe combo which goes so well with anything that has peach tones in the print. Quite a simple outfit and though it's nice it's probably my least favourite of the three here.


  1. Such a pretty skirt. High waisted skirts is always favorite of mine. The last outfit might be better if shirt was susbitutted with a ivory high collared one. But it might be a little samey as one above.

    1. That's a good point, but then the shoes would be more peachy than I like! I guess this goes to show it's a pretty versatile skirt though ^__^

  2. I do like that skirt as well. A friend of mine got it in that same colour and it looks great in person. I wish it came in a slightly more burgundy shade of red for me, but I'll find a skirt or JSK that works sooner or later. I really like the last two outfits, maybe because it's getting chilly over here so anything warm looking appeals to me more right now :P

  3. Such a cute skirt! Floral patterns are classics and there can never bee too much ♡ ♡
    Bodyline has such surprisingly nice pieces. Especially skirts. Very pretty coords you've made! They are clearly more classic, but I'm happy you're trying to create classic-sweet, because it has become somewhat of a favorite of mine. ^_^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Exactly! Florals forever!

      Thank you for the nice coment ^__^