Thursday, 4 August 2016

Jurassic Party Outfits

A while ago I showed you Wonderpunk's first print, Jurassic Party, and today I'm finally sharing one of my perennial "one piece, three outfits" posts with it. Due to come recent purchases and crafting, I finally have enough accessories to actually pull together three distinct outfits, which made me quite happy.

It's a bit hard to get all the dinosaurs nicely in one shot when the skirt's not being worn, so I thought I'd just highlight my favourite, the triceratops. Though they are all super adorable!

For my first outfit I wanted to use black shoes for a bit of an old school street fashion vibe (not actually typical old school lolita but you know what I mean), and decided to bring in the black IW bustier to tie them in a bit. It's a really straightforward outfit, but I'd totally wear it because it's just my level of simplicity.

Next I paired it with pink for a snug wintery look. I no realise I should have put my dark purple bows on the shoes to balance things out a bit better but I still like how I was able to balance the colours here. A purple and lavender ribbon tied under the collar would also be cute.

Lastly I did a super simple look where you need to imagine a pair of white shoes, because the only white lolita shoes I have are in our model wardrobe and are about 2.2m above the ground so I was not getting them down just for one photo! And I love it, it's so simple and adorable. I've mentioned before that my favourite sweet lolita looks tend to be ones with that are simple with white blouses and this proves it!

And, ending this post with a shameless plug because I can, please like Wonderpunk's facebook page and we still have Jurassic Party skirts available for purchase.


  1. Honestly, I thought it was a JSK, looking at the first photo, that bustier looks like a part of it. This is probably my favourite outfit of the three, although the pink and lavender one is cute as well. :)

    1. It's my favourite too, it's just got a little something the other outfits don't. Thank you as always for the kind comment :)

  2. Lovely coords. I like the idea of transperant socks and the bustier. ;D