Sunday, 21 August 2016

Taobao haul time again!

It's been a while since I last did this, but recently I made a little taobao haul made up of two pairs of shoes, two boleros and a bunch of different accessories. This is only my third taobao order ever, and I don't think I blogged about my second one at all. The main difference between this order and the last two is that I have switched shopping services from Yoybuy to TaobaoTrends.

Before I go onto reviewing the items I just want to say a little about that change. I really liked Yoybuy to start with, but they seemed a little dodgy with how they handled the money in your account. After hearing some horror stories a while ago, coupled with my not-quite-right feeling I decided not to use them again. I chose TaobaoTrends on a bit of a whim, I was in the store spreadsheet on the CGL taobao threads, clicked to their site, and they seemed fine so I ran with it. And I am exceptionally happy with that choice! Their site was simple to use, the fees, exchange rate, and shipping seemed very reasonable, and they check the items before sending them to you. One of my items was in the wrong colour and they checked to see if I was okay with it (which I was) and then, before I paid for international shipping they sent photos of everything. I feel like that's a really good service to provide, and I fully intend to use TaobaoTrends for my future taobao orders.

But enough about shopping services... onto the clothes and things!

First up, two pairs of shoes from Sosic Shop. Both pairs arrived in good condition and looked just like the stock photos. But I managed to order myself the wrong size, so I'm going to be putting both pairs up for sale quite soon. However, as I say, the quality is quite nice so I guess this just means I'll have to do another taobao order soon to get some in the correct size. Poor me, having to shop more...

Then I took the opportunity to pick up some matching accessories for my Jam Paradise JSK from Rococo Soul. I got both the headbow and a pair of two-way clips so I have multiple options. The headbow is actually the first wired headbow I've owned, and it's so fun being able to adjust the shape!

To try and fill the gap in my wardrobe, I also ordered this long sleeved black bolero. It's a pretty obvious Innocent World rip-off but I didn't mind. However, it's not particularly great quality and the sleeves are three-quarter length on me, so I'll be selling it and am back on the prowl for another long-sleeved black bolero.

However, I also ordered a cute white lace bolero which is gorgeous! Just like the stock photo, rally cute and comfortable, I'm super happy with this. Though now I have it I'm realising I may not get all that much wear out of it because it's very white, but I can always tea dye to ivory if I decide that's a better idea.

I got some hair accessories from Cutie Creator/Sweet Dreamer/Ciciworks (I never remember which name is most recent) which I'm two-thirds happy with. The thing I'm not happy with is the lavender headbow because of that giant gold start in the middle which was not in the stock photos. Also, it doesn't match Jurassic Party, which I got it for, but that was a gamble anyway with colours matching. But ugh, that star.

The other two things, the strawberry headband and the two-way flower birdcage clip and very nice, well made and accurate to the stock photos. I got the birdcage clip hoping it would match well with my Meta Rose birdcage skirt and it coordinates, though it's not a proper colour match.

Last, but certainly not least I got a whole lot of other accessories from this shop, too many to fit into one picture! First up, a bundle of hair clips. Because I totally didn't have enough bows already. No such things as enough bows!

I also got some wrist accessories. I don't tend to wear wristcuffs much, but do occasionally, so thought getting a white pair was a good idea. And the bracelets were super cheap so I grabbed a few.. but they are tiny. I am a big girl, but my wrists are still pretty slim for my size and these are still about 3cm too small. Still wearable though, but I may end up taking of the beads and re-making them.

Overall, I'm very happy with all the accessories from that shop. They're quite cheap and very good quality or the price. The only thing I'm bummed about it that the set of strawberry clips with red lace instead of white was meant to have a red flower, but TaobaoTrends did alert me to this and ask if I wanted it sent back and I said no. Next time I'll say yes because the two sets are so similar I'm only going to keep one.

So that's my most recent taobao haul; all in all quite a positive experience!


  1. Those shoes looks really pretty, it is sad they weren't your size. I hope you get the right size next time. :D

    1. So do I! Unfortunately a lot of shoes only go up to a 40 where I need a 42, so I have to do a bit more searching.

  2. I love when people do Taobao haul posts because I can pick up some new Taobao brands that I haven't heard of before. There's so many of them that it's too time consuming to go through them one by one.
    Shame about the pieces you'll have to sell for one reason or another, but at least most of them are ok. Those shoes look very cute, which is even more of a shame that they don't fit.
    Also, your new shopping service sounds great too. I've been using FreeShoppingChina and while I haven't had much issues with them, they're also not anything to particularly rave about - reliable and good, but not outstanding, and I really like their cart system. But I might give TaobaoTrends a go, they sound great with this whole checking your items and the photos and everything!

    1. Haha me too! I love finding new pretty things through other blogs!

      I really was pleased with TaobaoTrends. If you're curious about the photos, here's a link to the album of photos they sent me: