Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I dream of pastries: Patisserie Dream outfits

As you know, I recently scored a piece I've loved since it was release; Patisserie Dream by Metamorphose in black. And of course, what am I to do with a new piece but do an outfit post?

I just adore this print. There is so much going on, and all of it is cute! The colours give it lots of coording options beyond black, though the most obvious (and one my wardrobe lends itself best to) is pink.

I love this outfit. Every single thing about it. It's simple, yet there's enough details going on that it doesn't seem basic. I just adore pairing that bustier with skirts, it's really a great piece for changing up outfit options and doing something a little different with skirts.

Next I did a simple look that I would wear casually. It's meant to have pink ankle socks as well, but mine are in the wash right now. It's funny, because though this is something I'm actually more likely to wear than the first outfit, I don't like it anywhere near as much! I guess it goes to show that what you like aesthetically doesn't always correlate to what you actually prefer to wear.

Lastly I wanted to go a very sweet route and play down the black as much as possible. This looks a bit unbalanced in a flat lay, but in real life (as I think I've mentioned before in relation to other outfits) I have dark hair so it really would balance out pretty well if I were to wear this. Honestly, this outfit is vying with the first one for being my favourite... it's so cute! And I'm making use of that ridiculous pink bow I got in my Meta lucky packs too.

If you feel like it, show me your favourite outfit with one of your dream items.

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