Friday, 29 July 2016

2016 Lolita Wardobe Goals - Mid-Year Update

So it's not quite exactly mid-year... shhh...

In February I posted a list of wardrobe goals, divided into three priority levels, and also a "wishlist" of sorts. Priority levels are pretty self-explanatory, and"wishlist" gets quotations because it's not specific pieces, like most loltia wishlists or dream dress lists. To be honest, I'm not willing to spend retail prices on 99% of loltia pieces that I do like when they're new, and I'm reluctant to spend much on secondhand pieces as well, so though there are distinct dresses I adore I feel no point having a conventional dream dress list because unless they pop up at a very good price I wouldn't buy them anyway.

So far this year I haven't actually bought all that much lolita, but I thought it was a good idea to see where I'm at with what I'd hope to achieve, wardrobe-wise, this year.

Priority 1 

A white short sleeved blouse - achieved!
An ivory short sleeved blouse
An a-line pettiocat

One out of three ain't bad. I keep thinking about buying the petticoat and it just doesn't happen, and in fairness I have been keeping my eye out for a nice ivory short sleeved blouse but haven't found one that I like and that fits.

However, I have acquired two short sleeved white blouses; one Baby one that we initially bought for the model wardrobe and then more recently I got one in my Meta lucky packs!

Priority 2

Replace ivory suede heels
Replace bordeaux suede heels
Replace peach suede heels
A black long sleeved bolero
A black short sleeved bolero - achieved! 
A brown short sleeved blouse or cutsew

One out of six is... less good ^__^

I got a really lovely Baby bolero in my last Japanese auction haul which definitely ticks that off the list, but haven't had much luck with anything else. Though in my defence, when I get my tax return I am planning to do a taobao order and when I do new bordeaux and ivory shoes will be part of it! And then I'll be half way there!

Contemplating buying these ones...

Though, if anyone can recommend me a good pair of peach/salmon shoes I'd appreciate it a lot!

Priority 3 

Blue headwear (beret, flowers, or headbow) - achieved!
Ivory headwear (beret, flowers, or headbow) - achieved!
Brand lace-topped OTKS in white, ivory and black
OTKS to match Jurassic Party (lavender or purple with white) - achieved (ish)!
Lavender or purple headbow to match Jurassic Party - achieved (ish)!
OTKS in black with white/grey/silver pattern
OTKS in blue/ivory - removing from list

I'd feel bad that the section where I've achieved the most if the section that matters least but it's also the easiest part of the list! The achieved ones are pretty self-explanatory, but the "ish" ones are because I've found/made things that are good (and I'll be posting some Jurassic Party outfits soon to prove it!) but not quite what I intended. So I'm still keeping an eye out for a more lolita-specific pair of OTKS and a good headbow to match; the headbow again may be something for my potential future taobao order.

As for the blue/ivory OTKS well... I thought I was going to work more blue into my wardrobe but in my last purge the only piece containing blue that I kept was Bodyline's L571 and I already have a pair of ivory with pink and blue OTKS from Innocent World which match it perfectly, so there' no need to get another pair of socks just to match one dress. So off the list they go!

Pretty, lacy burando day...


An OTT classic OP or JSK
A gobelin coat
A fur, or fur trimmed, capelet
Simpler JSKs appropriate for work
Casual cutsews in red, pink and black-and-white (and maybe even more colours) - black and white cutsew achieved
Fawn fur items (coat, capelet and shoe toppers primarily)
More patterned/printed blouses

So from the wishlist I've only really achieved one, but that's okay, it's the wishlist! I do have fabric for an OTT classic main piece (and a chocolate one too... shhhh...) so that's vaguely in the pipeline too.

It's a cutsew, it's black and white, and it's casual... win!

Overall, I feel like I've done okay on achieving my wardrobe goals. Not heaps great, but I've definitely made some progress, and progress it good. I've kind of stalled my spending, because I really haven't worn lolita in ages, and don't see myself wearing it much in the foreseeable future, so I'm hesitant to drop much more money into it. But I still love the style so I'm not going anywhere, it's just that my purchase will (theoretically) be more selective for a while.

Do you have any goals for your lolita wardrobe? Have you achieved any?


  1. That's definitely good progress. I also think that you've ticked off less in your first two priority lists because you're probably thinking more about what you're buying, to make sure that every purchase is meaningful and good quality, which takes more time than finding accessories in list 3. After all, an ivory blouse is something you'll definitely wear a lot, so there's no point going for something 'fast fashion', if it's not going to last more than a year at most.
    I think Axes Femme is decent for cutsews. They're not the cheapest of Japanese brands, but they're very loliable and have a decent size range (at least I can fit into plenty of their stuff despite being on the bustier side). AND they do good sales and I usually buy from their outlet, which is even cheaper and very good quality (last skirt I got from there took me a while to accidentally find out why it was in the outlet in the first place - it had a strip of ribbon down the bottom, and part of it wasn't sewn on, but you couldn't see that unless you knew where to look). Give them a go, especially now that they still have summer sales on. :)

    1. You make a good point about holding out for just the right thing.

      Thanks for reminding me Axes Femme exists! I adore the things I have from them already, so I might make a habit of checking their store every so often again.

  2. Someone on EGL recommended your blog to me, and I am so happy to have found it. I'm quite new to the community (well, I'm back from a five-year hiatus, how about that?) and I've started a blog of my own. My personal lolita goals would be to build on my starter wardrobe (I have enough to wear a different outfit every day of the week, but I want more!), adding some warmer things for the winter months. I would love to buy a Mary Magdalene piece. Nothing specific, but this post has made me realize that I should probably be more diligent with my planning!

    1. Thank you and welcome back to lolita :)