Sunday, 4 September 2016

Slowly turning purple

Last weekend I did a quick, super-casual shoot with James because that Friday I finally did something with my hair that's been in my head for months... purple tips! My hair is just barely hip length at the moment, and though I've enjoyed colouring it in the past I haven't done anything with it since I started distinctly growing it out about 4 years ago. But now I have, and I love it!

Just look at that colour and how it fades into my natural brown! My hairdresser (who I actually liked enough to go back to next time , which hasn't happened in a long time) did a great job with the bleaching. It was fun to get this done, a lot of the time I had two people working on my hair at once because there was so much of it!

And of course, to show off my cute new hair I had to wear a cute lolita outfit, didn't I? James and I popped out to one of our regular urban locations to snap a few photos, as well as making use of our trusty shed.

Outfit rundown:
JSK & Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Cardigan: Banned
Boots: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

I am so happy with my hair right now, I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and just did it!


  1. I need to grow my hair out again, I kind of miss having long hair (but at the same time shorter is so much easier to curl when I do want it curled :P). You can't really see that purple very well against the dark colours of your outfit, is it like a plum kind of shade or something more "Halloween-y"?

    1. This is the longest my hair has ever been, and I'm still getting used to having to care for it properly.

      The first picture is pretty accurate on the colour, actually. It's a very purpley purple, quite bright in the correct lights and also depending on the light it can be very red or very blue.

  2. Ah! I'm so jealous of your purple hair! It suits you so well! My work would not be happy if I dyed my hair any fun colors.

    1. Thank you! My work was surprisingly chill with it; I asked before getting it done an my manager replied it was fine in that tone of voice that implies "why would we care?". I guess it helps that I'm purely office based and that since it's just a third of my hair I can disguise it in a bun if I need to actually interact with people outside the office staff.