Saturday, 2 July 2016

Review #42: Metamorphose lucky packs

Hello world, I'm back! And with new clothes, no less!

Two years ago, I tried my luck with two Meta skirt lucky packs and was by and large disappointed. But this year, I kinda had a good feeling, so I got another two and was not disappointed!

Above we have the contents of both packs and immediately you'll see something I was very happy about... no duplicates!

I was incredibly excited when I opened up the box and saw this pack - when I'd daydreamed about what I might get, a pink blouse was high on my list of "I'd really love to get in this" and lo and behold, not just a pink blouse, but a long sleeved one! And the Rose Birdcage skirt fits my wardrobe so well! It's exactly my kind of thing. The socks don't match anything I own, but the colour and motif are something I can see maybe being useful in future, so I'm going to hang onto them. Even the ridiculous pink barrette is awesome because now I have something stupidly OTT for sweet!

I was less excited about this pack, but still not disappointed. White blouses are a good staple, and my only short-sleeved white blouse is a very old, worn Baby one that doesn't actually fit me properly, so this is a distinct improvement. And the Mermaid Princess Frill Skirt is really pretty, though it's not something I'd buy myself and I'm not sure exactly if I'll keep it yet, since it's quite different to anything else in my wardrobe. Unfortunately though I got two pairs of OTKs in this pack I can't see myself using either pair, but that's really the only actual bummer out of both packs, so I really am quite pleased.

A few more photos of the various things, because what is a good review without lots of pictures?

My lovely new blouses. both with generous back shirring.

Rose Birdcage... so lovely!

Mermaid Princess has a lovely textured fabric.

Accessories! Just look at that ridiculous bow!

So there we are! Two rather lucky lucky packs ^__^


  1. Yay, I'm glad you're back to blogging, I missed your posts. :)
    I thought about getting Meta's lucky pack myself, but I'm not really that much into skirts so I decided against it. Both blouses are really lovely, I need to hunt me down some Meta blouses because a lot of people in my comm rave about how comfortable they are, and who could pass on some comfort with their Lolita? Shame that you can't really fit the blue skirt and socks into your wardrobe, fingers crossed that you'll manage to find a solution. :)

    1. Thank you, it's nice to actually feel up to blogging again ^__^

      I just really like Meta, and though I probably wouldn't buy their plainer skirts directly there's just something about the gamble of lucky packs that I really enjoy. And yes, their blouses are great in my experience! Overall a lot of meta pieces just seem really wearable, which I like.

      Haha well I have a plan for the socks, and I do like the skirt so I may keep it even if it is the odd thing out now.

  2. I'm glad you're back! These look like much luckier packs than last time. I always end up selling on the blouses I get in the JSK packs because they're not flattering on me, which is a shame because they are very comfy and good quality.

    1. Thanks! Way better luck than the last time, which made me so happy. I kept tying to talk myself out of being excited about what I might get but then I realised that was pretty stupid; I'd rather be excited and then disappointed (not that I was, but you know) than have low expectations and still be disappointed.

    2. I have started to really get into blind bags because they're so exciting- it's really nice to think "this is a present from me to me and I can't wait to find out what it is"! I haven't made the commitment to a big brand one yet, but maybe I will if a brand I like releases a JSK pack this year.

    3. I like that way of looking at it! I keep daydreaming about Innocent World's oddment packs... if I ever get to a point where I fit their average size I'm totally doing it.