Sunday, 17 July 2016

Rose Birdcage outfits.

Before I share the outfits with my Metamorphose Rose Birdcage skirt I want to say that I really want to make a miniature birdcage headpiece now, just to go with this skirt.

Because how pretty is that print? Dusty pink! Chocolate brown! Gold highlights! This series is something I did contemplate buying when it came out but decided I didn't love it enough to warrant it, so getting this skirt in my recent lucky packs was awesome.

Also, excuse my cat's rear-end in all these photos. I've learned from experience if I move him he'll just get into an even more inconvenient position, so as long as he's not completely in the way I just leave him ^__^

The first outfit I pulled together is something cute and casual that I would totally wear. I also have a pair of off-white ankle socks with a gold crown on the ankle I'd add to this outfit, but though they look fine on I've worn them enough that they look kind of... not nice... in flat lays.

One of my first thoughts with this skirt was "I wonder if it'll go with my steampunk vest... nah, of course it won't" but it does! I've been dying to use this vest in a lolita outfit and now I have a skirt that it matches perfectly. That makes me very happy.

So this look turned into a quirky steampunk lolita affair which I totally love. It's not the most conventional look but I really like it. I'd probably wear it with cream lace tights, which I forgot to put in the picture.

Lastly I wanted to try something lighter, and I'm really chuffed with how it turned out. Normally I'd balance the bits of brown on the bottom with something brown up top, but if I'm putting these together for myself I have brown hair, so it balances out without any additional accessories.

What I love is how well this skirt works with my wardrobe despite me not really having anything that matches it perfectly colour-wise, except for that one barrette bow. I guess it really shows that I do have a very particular "type" in my eardrobe.


  1. It's always great when you end up buying/getting something which is a little different to your usual stuff and still ends up being easy to mix with your wardrobe. I think that middle coord is my favourite, I really dig the whole steampunky vibe it has. What's great about it is that you could still wear it out just on an everyday basis and "only" be thought of as nicely dressed (as opposed to the whole attention that wearing full on Lolita usually attracts).

    1. Absolutely! And thank you, I sometimes worry steampunk gets an automatic bad rap in lolita but I think the styles can meld together very well.