Monday, 25 April 2016

Lolita 52: What's in my makeup bag?

I don’t actually have a make-up bag…. I have a make-up crate! This is because I don’t tend to do make-up outside of photoshoots, and for photoshoots I do make-up both on myself and on other models, so “my” make-up collection is actually James and my combined stash.

However, for those rare occasions where I do a face of “everyday” makeup, this is the tiny selection of products that I use and that are the only things that I keep in our bathroom cabinet rather than in the crate.

Eyeshadow crayons, liquid foundation, BB cream, powder foundation
Eyeliners, mascara and brow liner, lip glosses
I forgot to put out my blush palette... 

My regular make-up is quite simple – BB cream, a bit of blush, a tiny bit of eyeliner and mascara, and filling in my eyebrows. If I’m feeling a bit fancier I add lip gloss (though I tend to eat it off and don’t like reapplying throughout the day so it’s kind of pointless), winged eyeliner to the best of my ability and a bit of eyeshadow. And if I'm feeling very fancy, some super basic eyeshadow too.

I am not very concerned with brands with make-up, the few things where I care are in the lip glosses and powder foundation because I really like those particular ones. But things like eyeliner I've always found to be fairly interchangeable, so I just buy what's cheap.

And, as you can probably guess by the above picture of half the colours in my favourite eyeshadow palette, my “irregular” make up for photoshoots and big events (if I ever went to any, that is) can be quite dramatic if I choose. So there you have it, that’s my make-up collection!

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