Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Wardrobe Challenge: Blue (da-bo-dee-da-bo-di)

Another day, another wardrobe and man, the universe is really wanting me to embrace navy these days! Though this wardrobe, belonging to a girl I'm going to nickname Karen for ease of reference, is really more "lots of blue" than actually navy but still, it all counts.

Above is what she already has, and she mentioned that as she is tall she tends to rely on off-brand or custom blouses for sleeve lengths, and that she is interested in working in some red. She also has an underskirt, but I haven't included that because underskirts feel more like a necessary but personal thing to me, if that makes sense - it's something that in the case of a tall lolita is something that is purchased and used based on need, not style. I will also mention that the white blouse with detachable sleeves is not the correct one, just one I grabbed for the purposes of this post.

And here we have the items I suggest adding - mostly these work towards bringing in more colour options to give a greater range of looks. The IW bolero would probably be too short in the sleeves, but places like Lady Sloth or Glitter Tale could no doubt make something very similar. As a somewhat tall-ish loltia myself (and also fat-ish, which does affect this) I've found both IW and Meta OTKs to be very forgiving in terms of stretch so I think the ones I've suggested would work, They are also kind of generic patterns that would still look nice if stretched height wise beyond what was originally intended. Even fancy tights in these colours would be good options - as always my suggestions are for types of items, not necessarily the exact ones I used.

This first run of outfits are pretty straightforward, but all rather nice. I adore unberbust cuts - they really allow you to show of blouse details. And of course, this is a print-less JSK and I really don't need to repeat how much I love solids.

This JSK image is photoshopped from the OP from the same series and in real life does not have the wait bow and does have more substantial straps. With the understated print and muted colours it's an easy piece to style from casual to almost OTT.

I fell in love with this JSK, even though it's not something I'd ever really wear myself. The print just makes it so much fun to work with! I have to say, out of the outfits about the centre one is my absolute favourite.

This JSK I was already in love with. The lace! The colour! The overall gorgeousness!

I'll admit that I had a little trouble with this JSK. It's the odd one out in this wardrobe so I didn't want to add pieces that only match it but that left me in a position where I'm not 100% sure about the outfits I came up with. The centre on definitely works, but the other two may be too classic for such a sweet dress. Honestly, unless Karen is intending to add more sweet to their wardrobe or particularly loves this dress I'd perhaps suggest selling it.

Another piece that I fell head-over-heels for! I've really got to get myself a stained glass piece someday - due to all the colours in the print they are always very easy to coordinate in a number of different ways.

I encountered this OP in two previous wardrobes, and as always it's not my favourite piece to coord. However, Karen's existing wardrobe pieces yielded some nice outfits possibilities as did my new additions in the centre coord.

I found this OP to be ridiculously adorable! And also easy to coord. Not much else to say, really.

And lastly we have this OP, another bane of my Wardrobe Challenge existence. I've found when having to work with this before, and found again here, that this dress is utterly gorgeous on it's own but surprising hard to do anything interesting with. But I did try, and honestly Karen's blue shoes are the most awesome match to this OP I've ever seen.

So that concludes my most recent wardrobe analysis and round of suggestions. As I said in my last Wardrobe Challenge post I am quite happy to take a look at wardrobes with less than 20 main pieces again, just due to now being gainfully employed it may take me a while to actually post about it. So if you'd like to me to take a look at your wardrobe, please comment below or message me on my facebook page.


  1. I really like what you've done here, all of those outfits are very elegant and you could wear them to anything, a tea party or just in a trip out. Maybe one day I'll send you my wardrobe, I'm really curious as to what you'd do with it. :)

    1. Thank you and by all means do send it my way if you want :)

    2. I think I will. How would you prefer it sent, as a list, a photo like the one at the top of the post, a Lolibrary link with comments on offbrand stuff...?

    3. Excellent! A facebook album or pinterest board is best, though a lolibrary link combined with telling me about offbrand stuff would also be good.