Saturday, 30 April 2016

Anniversary Rose outfits

In my latest outfit post, I mentioned that I'd put off doing a post with that skirt due to the difficulty I have with finding pieces that actually match. Well, that's exactly the same reason why I haven't done a post of Innocent World's Anniversary Rose outfits yet.

The above photo is pretty accurate colour-wise and as you can see the colours are vibrant, yet muted. I don't even know what you'd call the base colour, but it's not actually "beige" as per the colourway title. It's gorgeous but I find it tricky to do anything interesting with it. I did my best in the outfits below though!

First up I matched Innocent World with more Innocent World - I love this blouse and JSK combo! This is a very basic outfit but I would definitely wear it because there's a decent amount of detail going on in all the pieces.

 Next I tried something that's a bit of a Springtime approach, I think. I love my handmade bolero with this dress, and the light accessories stop the brown bolero from darkening it up too much.

Then I tried another Spring appropriate look, and this is probably my favourite out of all three! Even though at first glance you may look at this outfit and wonder why I didn't switch the brown shoe and headbow with the shoes and hair accessories in the previous look to me it's all about keeping the outfits overall light, but grounded. Since the JSK is theoretically light coloured, but is actually rather dark toned, I liked having a bit of brown in each outfit in order to not have the JSK being the darkest part of the outfit.

Do you have any pieces in your lolita wardrobe that you love, but find are a bit challenging to coordinate?


  1. I can see why this would be a tricky piece to coordinate, but I think you've done very well with it. I can't even pick a favourite, they're all gorgeous and each piece compliments the JSK so, so well. *.*
    The only piece that I have troubles coordinating is my AP Merry Making Party OP in yellow. Mainly because it's an OP, I don't really know how to go about that, although the fact that it's yellow with mostly this sort of fuchsia pink and only some sax/light blue details doesn't help. So maybe it's because it's a printed OP that I have a hard time coordinating it... :P

    1. Thank you :D

      I had to look that OP up but I can totally see why it's tricky! You'd either have to go a bit simple with white or bring in a new colour/shade because the fushia pink would be so hard to match, and that sax blue is really overshadowed by whatever you call that brighter blue. It's so cute though, I'd love to see you do something ridiculously OTT with it!

  2. That last co-ordinate is classic spring perfection! I really love the little sleeve frill detail and how it matches the frill on the ankle socks.

    1. Thank you! I was really happy with that one, it's not something that was immediately an obvious coording option to me so I'm glad it worked out.