Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Flowers and cream; or, L173 outfits

I still don't know what order the "or" is mean to be in in the sentence type of my title. Does the "or" come before the semicolon? Grammar is hard, people, especially when you're like me and prefer to get it right.

Anyhow, we're not here to talk about grammar, we're here to talk about clothes! I'd been putting off doing one of these "three outfits" posts with my Bodyline L173 skirt because I find the colours of the flowers hard to match and in lolita I like to match!

But I did it, and found I really loved the results! By not fretting too much over having something that properly matched and instead trying to make sure outfits coordinated well I was able to come up with outfits that were not only nice, but also very distinct.

Firstly, since the flowers on the skirt are quite dark in places, I tried coordinating with wine red. I rally like how vibrant this outfit is, though on reflection I feel I should have switched the peach coloured shoes for a cream pair or alternatively added a peach flower to the hair accessories or on the bow of the collar. But still, I really like this look, it's very rich and a bit unusual as it minimises the floral theme that I would otherwise run with.

Did I mention running with the floral theme? This blouse and shoe combo match the flowers in the print really well, and bringing in some brown mutes it down to something I'd actually wear. The hairpiece I made myself with this skirt in mind, and this outfit seemed to be the best one to wear it with.

Lastly I decided to really throw the idea of matching colours properly out he window and made a summery outfit with lots of different shades of pink. And it works surprisingly well!

Also, as a final note I don't know how obvious it is but I've finally started using my proper camera for blog photos. I was getting progressively more annoyed at the quality of my phone photos so I decided my blog deserved proper photos, and I am so glad I made the change.


  1. I love the skirt, it's gorgeous! And I think the first coord might be my favourite, but I'm biased, anything wine coloured and I'm on it. But they're cute - as you said, coordinating isn't the same as matching, but it can give you just as polished looks.

    1. Thank you :) It's funny, I think the first outfit is my favourite too!