Friday, 11 March 2016

Lolita 52: How I accesorise

With bows! Oh my yes, I love me some bows.

A rainbow of bows!

To be slightly less facetious about it I honestly don’t accessories much at all, so I find my collection of little bows extremely helpful in that regard. They are super simple to clip to my hair, a beret or my blouse and they are unobtrusive enough that once they’re on I don’t notice them much at all.

Much as I think many accessories are gorgeous (hello wristcuffs!) I’ve never been much of one for jewellery except when I’m really going all out on an outfit. But at that point it’s less “Roli wearing lolita” and more “Roli dolls up” which to my mind are two completely different things and the former is the one I’m focusing on while going through the Lolita 52. I don’t wear lolita everyday but I still want my answers to all these prompts to be me talking about my “everyday lolita” style, not my “I had a fancy photoshoot” style.

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