Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lolita 52: Favourite thing to put on my head

Berets! I didn't even need to think about the answer to this; I just adore berets!

I think my love of berets mainly stems from two reasons. The first is that I tend to wear lolita quite casually [except for photshoots, but I don't count those outfits as "real" outfits, you know?] and find that berets are the headwear that best suits a casual look over big bows, small bows, floral clips, flower crowns or anything else. The second is that putting anything to big and unusual on my head just makes me feel uncomfortable and for me "big and unusual" includes the typical lolita headbow. Similarly, even smaller bows feel too cutesy on me, even though I adore them on others.

I also adore how versatile plain coloured berets can be. A flower or bow clip at the front can really change it up and you can have your hair in a variety of different styles under it; my favourites are plaits!

A casual uni outfit from earlier this year, featuring a beret decorated with a small bow clip.

Currently my beret collection features mostly plain ones with the exception of one black beret I decorated with green trim and my fawn fur beauty. However, in future I'd possibly like to get some more structured, decorated and perhaps even more military styled berets. I may even try my hand at making my own!

Not sure how good this would look on me, but it's definitely cute!

My second-favourite thing to put on my head is pretty much any kind of hat, just in case anyone was wondering. What's yours?

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