Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lolita 52: My wardrobe turnover

So far my lolita wardrobe turnover has been pretty continual. Ever since I've started I've pretty much always had something up for sale or at least that I've been intending to sell. Sometimes stuff has come out of the to-sell pile and entered back into my wardrobe, which has been good.

I removed one row of shirring from this OP and rescued it from the "to sell" pile.

Wardrobe turnover, for me, happens for several reasons. The first, and sadly the most common, is when I've bought something without actually thinking about how it would look and me and how comfortable I would be wearing it. For example, it took me a while to realise that though I loved straight up sweet lolita on other people it was not something I was comfortable wearing myself. Fortunately, the longer I spend in the fashion the rarer these mistakes become.

The other main reason I sell items on is because of fit issues. A prime example of fit was my Loyal Rosette JSK. I adored that dress and it was perfect in every single way except how it fit on my body. So I sold it on. Unfortunately, fit is something you can't know until you have the item in your hands. Even if you have experience with a brand and get the hang of which of their cuts generally fit well on you you still can't be totally sure.

Lastly, issues of quality also lead me to get rid of items. By now I mostly have fairly good quality items that I'm happy with, but especially when I started out I bought and made a few things that weren't the best. I have a better eye for quality, and more experience, but again when you buy online you can never be totally sure of quality until you have something in your hand.

For the rest of this year [and for all the rest of my lolita-wearing years] I'm hoping to mostly add keepers to my wardrobe. I have a large-ish to sell pile at the moment, but once that's gone I'm going to try to be very selective in what I add to my wardrobe and hopefully get it to a state where it's a great collection for everyday as well as special occasion clothing.


  1. I used to have a really high turnover with my wardrobe too because I hate having stuff that I can only wear to meets. Now I try to get things that are more flattering when worn casually too so hopefully I won't have to sell stuff because I really hate selling/posting things.

  2. I have these problems too, for years I bought pretty things that I loved but wouldn't suit me right or I didn't think how comfortable I would be in wearing it too. a lot of my wardrobe was like a gallery pretty but not worn, I get my twin now to sign off on my purchases XD

    1. I think it's a common problem! I think you're on the right track with getting a second opinion; I ask my boyfriend for input more now and it has helped even though we have kind of different taste in lolita.