Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I got lucky in an op shop!

I rarely find loli-able pieces when I'm op shopping [or thrift shopping, for non-Aussies] but last week when James and I went shopping to escape a four day blackout I got lucky on the blouse front!

The pink blouse will be really nice for some more casual classic looks. It's not particularly lolita but it'l be great for toning outfits down. I really love the lace yoke at the top.

But this gorgeous beast is truly the crowning glory. It's so amazingly Romantic Goth. This is the kind of things I loved when I was a teenager and evidently still do. It's just gorgeous and I am so happy I found it. Just look at those sleeves! I honestly have no idea what I will wear this with but wow... it just made me so happy.

We also found an Asian blouse which was perfectly lolita, but it wasn't finished nicely [think very cheap taobao/eBay quality] so it's fraying all over the place after being washed, but it will make a perfect distressed steampunk blouse so it's still good. We also found some beautiful dresses and skirts for the model wardrobe, which I will steal if I slim down enough to fit them. I just couldn't resist sharing my two new blouses here ^__^


  1. The blouses are gorgeous! I used to have one that was similar to the white one as well in my early teens, haha. Sometimes I stumble across lolita or gyaru clothes in the charity/second hand shops here in Seoul and it always makes me wish I came here 10 years ago, when that was all I would wear. It ripped my heart to leave the 3.5 USD new with tags Bodyline skirt there. T_T

    1. They really are, I love them! Oh wow, that sounds like there's some great finds where you are. Hopefully you find lots of awesome things that suit your currently style too!