Friday, 8 May 2015

Fourteen blog post ideas for lolitas

Lately there's been a bit of discussion in online circles about lolita blogs. By and large there aren't that many that update regularly with really good content. I think part of that reason is that there doesn't seem to be much, on the face of things, to blog about. "What I bought" and "what I wore" are the two main topics that lolita blogs focus on. While things like the Lolita 52 challenge I've been doing and the Lolita Blog Carnival are definitely helpful at providing topics to talk about I thought it was still a good idea to share some things that I think would make for interesting blogging.

So, here are some ideas a lolita could blog about that are less common than reviews, event reports and outfit posts. Not that those topics are bad to blog about at all [I love reading event reports!] but these are some options to potentially broaden your blogging horizons.

1. Post about your favourite outfits you've seen online this week, with proper credit on the photos, of course.

2. Make a certain number of outfits with each of your main pieces. For me, with a wardrobe of currently eighteen main pieces I'm doing three outfits per main piece. For a larger wardrobe more would be good, for a smaller one, less. Doing this has the added bonus of helping you identify any gaps your wardrobe may have. I always find it easiest to do this sort of thing as flat-lays; that way you don't have to bother about dolling up and can just focus on the clothes.

One of my current favourite flat-lays from this post.

3. Take very detailed photos of your main pieces, like Anza does. We've all experienced inaccurate stock pictures and dresses that look way better in real life so posts like this would be a great reference for everyone.

4. Something I do a lot, but don't see anyone else do much of, is make hypothetical wardrobes. Come up with a collection of items that fit a particular theme, colour palette or budget, or even do something like the a Project 333 capsule wardrobe but for lolita.

The first wardrobe challenge I did! Those posts come under my "hypothetical" umbrella.

5. Blog about recent releases and your thoughts on them. Bonus points if you are consistent and blog about every release of a particular brand, including non-print series. I'll follow you in a heartbeat if you do this for Metamorphose. Disclaimer; I got this idea from Luna Rain, who often talks about new prints and whose discussion I always enjoy.

6. Do a photoshoot... it's easier than it seems! Even a parent, friend or partner can take decent photos and there are various online photo editors that produce good results, or so I've heard. Scope out your town and find a few interesting places to take your photos. If you're game, sign up from a site like Model Mayhem and model for a local photographer. Remember though, always be safe when working with people you don't know! Or be the photographer for some of your lolita friends, like Rosalynn from Lolita Wonderland did recently.

One of my shoots with James aka The Enthusiast behind the camera.

7. Sew or craft and post about it. This is a more commonly done than anything else on this list but I guess I'm more angling towards sharing even the little things you make. Made a basic flower crown or a simple rectangle skirt or added lace to an offbrand blouse? Show us how it looks, how you made it and how it works in an outfit! A craft project doesn't have to be huge, perfect or even particularly unique to be worth sharing.

8. Share offbrand finds, either ones you've bought or even ones you've seen on an online store. Thrift store finds are also good blogging material!

9. Feature other blogs, or do blog post round-ups. Or interview the people behind other lolita blogs.

10. Discuss current trends in lolita and where you think they'll go, or perhaps examine current mainstream fashion trends and what influence they may have on lolita.

11. Post about commercial sewing patterns that you think have potential for lolita, and the changes you'd have to make in order to get the perfect lolita garment out of them.

12. Try out some typically lolita lifestyle things, like baking or drinking fancy tea or listening to classical music or whatever, and share your experience. Even if it's not actually part of your everyday life it could be fun to try on the persona of the mythical "lifestyle lolita" and blog about what it was like.

13. Write up features, or interviews if you can, of lolita indie brands. Or, if your blog is popular enough, perhaps even some of the big brands would be interested in answering a few questions!

14. Post about your lolita goals, and then review them. These can be like New Years resolutions, or monthly goals, or whatever time period you want. The thing that makes it interesting blogging is your follow-up of how you went with actually achieving them.

Some of these ideas are definitely more involved than the others, but there should be a few ideas in there for everyone. And of course, just because you blog about lolita doesn't mean your blog has to be 100% lolita content. Blog about what you like to blog about!

As a final point I have three pieces of advice for anyone looking to start a lolita blog. The first is take advantage of scheduled posting! Write a bunch of posts at once and schedule them up so your blog updates regularly even if you don't write regularly. Secondly, don't feel like every post you write has to be a masterpiece. I would prefer to follow a blog that updates once or twice a week where  two thirds of the posts are fairly quick [think a few hundred words and a couple of pictures] than one which only updates every two months with a big, in-depth post. Lastly, try to keep your blog fairly nice with an easily readable font, clear pictures and write as well as you can.

Do you have any good ideas for what a loltia blog would write about or do you have a lolita blog? If so, let me know in the comments!


  1. Those were all really good and varied ideas. I'm definitely feeling inspired now.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad to hear they were inspiring :D