Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Meal Prep #4

Meal prep time again and today I was lucky because James did nearly everything while I played LOL and bummed on the internet. So I'm not actually sure how long it took, probably about 3 hours today plus a couple of hours last night to roast a leg of lamb. A usual, we made six each of four different meal types.

First out is roast lamb with corn, beans and baby carrots. I also want to say forgive the shoddy pics, it started storming while James was cooking so the ktichen was dark.

Stir fry vegetables over udon noodles.They don't look so appealing in these photos but they taste so good!

Roast potatoes, carrots and mixed broccoli, zucchini and asparagus with lightly fried chicken thigh on top. Normally we bake all the meats but with the amount of vegetables we were roasting in our tiny oven it was better time-wise to fry it this time.

Same assortment of vegetables with roast lamb on top. So much tastiness!

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