Thursday, 4 December 2014

Brown floral and chiffon outfits

I'm really having fun trying to come up with more coords for my own wardrobe so I decided to have a go with my very first lolita dress, Bodyline's L417 in brown! It's actually a dress I don't wear much because other than matching it with beige, I hadn't figured out good outfits for it. Until now, that is.

And of course, I wanted to start with a gratuitous print shot. This is pretty accurate colour-wise and to be honest the flowers are actually really hard to match; they are warm, but dark.

I actually bought this blouse thinking it would be a match for the chiffon ruffle at the hem, but as you can see, it's not. However, since I do have shoes that match the blouse perfectly I think this outfit manages to work anyway.

After the winter-y last outfit [tights and everything!] I wanted to try a outfit more suited for springtime. The blouse and boots give it a more casual vibe, as does the floral headband other flower clips. Unfortunately, none of my floral bits match the flowers on the dress, but I think it works well enough... though I may have to look into getting some new flowers. You can never have enough floral clips, right?

And I was trying really hard to keep the bows at the bottom in place, I really was...

Lastly, I wanted to pull together a more traditionally lolita outfit. I actually only received the Innocent World blouse pictured here yesterday morning, so that was good timing... it even has rose lace to make it an even more perfect match! The socks aren't a perfect match to the dress, but by bustling up the over-skirt to put more chiffon between the main skirt fabric and the socks I think they match well enough.

I'm still not 100% satisfied with these outfits; like I said, the flowers on the dress are hard to match. I think I'll look into getting some flower accessories that match because as long as one thing matches colour-wise I'm generally happy!

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