Friday, 24 October 2014

Review #33: Bodyline

Taking a break from re-jigging people's wardrobes to share a brief review of my latest Bodyline order. Since I've started overhauling my regular wardrobe, I've realised that I needed flat shoes for everyday wear than aren't my three-year-old speakers. I got some, but was kind of eyeing off so lolita flats as well because I'm trying to transition my everyday style to be a bit cuter than it is now. Then Bodyline had their shoe sale, paired with free shipping and well... how could I not?

I got two pairs of Shoes251 in brown and black and the L380 skirt in cream. I don't remember the exact dates I ordered and received everything, but it took the usual amount of time to get to me, which is about two weeks from the Tuesday it was posted. For some reason Bodyline didn't send me my tacking number, but I discovered that if you go to the "tracking" tab on their website and type in your paypal email it will show your racking numbers. Handy, eh?

I'm really, really happy with the shoes I got. At my usual size of 250 they fit quite nicely and are fairly comfortable, though since they're a fairly hard pleather they dig in over the toes instead of flexing properly, if that makes sense? But I'm sure they'll soften up with wear. They are very accurate to the stock photo, even down to the black pair being shinier than the brown pair.

 As for the skirt, I'm also really happy! I have the JSK version of it in black and find it a really versatile piece, so I thought I'd grab the skirt as well. I really like plain coloured pieces in lolita and think this is definitely one of Bodyline's better works. Except the detachable flower-bow-pearl thing. That's kind of tacky, and now lives in my box of detachable things.

My phone didn't want to get the colour quite right, this is darker than it is in real life. It's a lovely soft ivory colour in person. And it will also look a lot nicer once it's ironed.

Again, it'll be nicer when ironed but I thought I'd grab a close up of the embroidery [or whatever it is] down the bottom.

Not pictured at all but I also got four flower crowns. The stock photos look a little sparse but I have a biiiig collection of fake flowers so I'm going to be doing some DIY-ing and filling in the gaps. I may post a tutorial sort of thing up, not that adding additional flowers is really that difficult. Maybe more a before and after kind of thing...

Anyway, all in all I'm really happy with my newest wardrobe additions! Did you buy anything during the most recent Bodyline sale?

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