Sunday, 26 October 2014

Meal Prep #1

And now for something completely different... a really brief post about James' and my first bout of meal prepping. It's something we've been planning on doing for a while and today we actually did. meal prep Monday...on a Sunday ^__^

We made 24 meals in total, six each of four different ones, and have leftovers as well. I also made a gigantic fruit salad for breakfasts and snacks, and am planning on making egg muffins as well. We were intending to make a fifth meal [stir fry!] as well but I'll probably do that in a few days time. All in all we spent only three hours in the kitchen, around $50 each and now have a very well stocked fridge! I think that's not bad at all for a weeks worth of food.

Of course, since it was our first time, I had to document everything we made, and may make that a regular thing as well, because I like looking at other people's food and maybe people will like looking at mine!

First up we have two of James's tasty, tasty salmon cakes with herb rice, baby carrots and broccoli.

Second meal is about a 100g of chicken thigh, lemon and herb flavour, with cauliflower "rice", green beans and corn.

Third, and sorry for the kind of shoddy photo, is honey-soy chicken thighs, rice with a hint of curry flavour, sautéed spinach and baby carrots.

And lastly we again have two of James's salmon cakes with cauliflower "rice", corn and sautéed spinach.

I really liked what we came up with for this week. There's plenty of variety and it's all fairly healthy. Even though it was kind of tiring cooking for so long it was definitely worth it, and I'm looking forward to a. not cooking for the rest of the week and b. doing it again next Sunday!

If any of my regular lolita readers have made it this far, fear not! I'm almost done with the next wardrobe challenge and will resume my regular irregular lolita blogging soon. There just may be a few more meal prepping posts scattered amongst the flounces and frills.

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