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A Wardrobe Challenge: Needs more blouses...

After my last blog post where I gave suggestions to an anon from CGL about how to improve their wardrobe versatility, I shared the post and mentioned that if anyone else wanted a similar round of suggestions, I was more than happy to.

Well, this post you're reading is now the second in what is going to be an ongoing-ish series unimaginatively called "a wardrobe challenge". I have another four anon wardrobes saved, and I think a couple more are yet to post pictures for me to work from. So many clothes, so much fun. I will be being a more active blogger for a bit! Yay!

Anyway, this Anons wardrobe was a bit more difficult as it was a lot larger than the first...

Anon posted these dresses, skirts and tops as well as saying they had gold heels, brown heels and pink tea parties, so I found some examples of those to include. They also have matching headwear to each of their printed AP pieces and a variety of AP socks and tights. However, I chose not to hunt pictures of those down and instead focused on bringing together some versatile pieces with generic designs they could use to round out their wardrobe.

It was immediately obvious, as Anon herself said, that she is lacking in blouses [and shoes!]. Here she has six blouses and two pieces of outwerwear to eighteen main pieces. I personally think unless you're very specific in your lolita style that until you pass twenty main pieces you need about as many tops, be they blouses and cutsews or boleros and jackets, as you do main pieces, so that is one main area I focussed on when hunting down additional pieces. I also bulked up her shoe collection and included a big range of headwear, legwear and several pairs of wristcuffs.

Six new blouses and three pieces of outerwear bring Anon's wardrobe up to what I consider a more balanced point, and the shoes definitely help as well. As I was putting together outfits I did feel like the wardrobe would benefit from things like another white blouse, a lavender blouse and more headwear and shoes in specific colours, but in the interests of not going overboard and also of keeping my suggestions actually attainable, I stuck to more versatile pieces. Though acquiring all these [or similar] pieces would still be a long and somewhat expensive venture, I hope they can at least give Anon an idea of what to get next in her wardrobe, though my definite suggestion would be to get a white blouse and shoes first!

And now onto the additions in action... lots of action. I hope I haven't broken anyone's internet. But anyway, in no particular order, outfits!

Gold jewellery would go great with these two outfits, and I repeat my suggestion from the last post that a set of gold, a set of silver and a set of pearls is a great thing for a lolita to have. 

This JSK is the main reason I needed to add more brown to the wardrobe! The boots aren't completely necessary, but since I needed something brown on the legs it was boots or OTKs... so I went with boots!

I thought using the jacket to create a more structured look was a fun idea with this free-flowing dress, and the other option is a simple summer look... no blouse, oh the scandal...

OPs are not my favourite thing to coord so here I went for two looks, one for warm weather and one for cool, that both played with the pink in the print.

This is where I was wishing I had included more lavender pieces, but they would only go with this and two of Anons other main pieces, so I opted to instead play with different textures and pick up on the secondary colours in the print.

I know, I know. The reds don't seem to match. But from what I've seen of this print online it seems to be brighter IRL, so the reds should match. And the leftmost OTKs are red and gold, it's just a dark photo.

I really loved playing with different colour combinations with this dress, though the outfit on the left is another example of where smaller accessories would be great to carry the red accents throughout the outfit. However, Is till think it's well balanced, if a bit simple.

Even though I'm not normally much of a one for multiple hair accessories, pairing a big bow with two smaller ones in both these outfits really made the looks a lot more cohesive.

Not too much to say on this one, except I really do wish I had bought this dress when it was still on pre-order, I love it more each time I see it...

I really found these navy ribbon OTKs to probably be one of the best additions to Anon's wardrobe that I came up with. Even though they have lots of more specific, for lack of a better term, legwear I really found these neutral patterned socks to be fabulous. A bit more interesting than solid colour options, but not overpowering at all. Also, with these outfits it'd be great to add a white necktie to the blouses to match the skirt better.

Pink and black is one of my favourite colour schemes, so I found these outfits really easy to put together. Tough now I look at the dress again... is it an underbust design or just a bit low cut? If it is underbust... pretend there's the short sleeve pink blouse on the left and the long sleeved one on the right.

To be honest, I really struggled with coording this dress. It's adorable and I love it but I had a lot of trouble with it. If Anon had more mint in their wardrobe it would have been easier, but I didn't want include stuff for just one piece and as mentioned earlier I didn't include many lavender pieces as they only had three of eighteen pieces in lavender. I'd actually perhaps recommend selling this piece [depending of course on how much anon loves it and if they happen to have headwear and legwear to match] unless they are planning on building up the lavender side of their wardrobe.

I love this skirt. I just have a thing for stripes. And I loved coording it.

This was another dress I had a bit of trouble working with, since it's definitely a classic-classic lolita dress, and nearly everything else is sweet or sweet-classic. So these coords are both quite simple, and are examples of outfits where jewellery would definitely be a good finishing touch. Celestial jewellery in gold would definitely be my recommendation.

I love blue and brown. I really do and I'm not sure why. So I couldn't resist pairing the brown pieces with this skirt, but did a more typically sweet look as well.

For all I love the Royal Unicorn series I actually had a bit of trouble coording this as well [darn, that's three admissions of having coording trouble... it's only because I'm trying not to add new pieces that only work with one or two main pieces, I swear!] but I though mixing in navy was an interesting take.

These two coords are very simple, but I think they give two very different feels to the dress.

More black and pink, a great note to end on!

So there you have it, another wardrobe and my opinion on how to expand it. Even though I did add quite a few pieces I do think Anon could benefit from still more blouses [another white, lavender, sax and possibly gold] and more shoes [navy, lavender and sax] but what I've pictured definitely gives them a lot more options. Also, if they wanted to make their wardrobe more cohesive, removing either their red or lavender pieces would keep their colour palette more cohesive overall. However, once they've added a black and a white "base set" [blouse, socks, shoes, headwear and wristcuffs] they should still be able to wear any pieces of any colour even if it's in a bit of a basic way.

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