Monday, 27 January 2020

Lolita Sales

As I mentioned in my coming out of hiatus post, I have done a very big clear out of my lolita wardrobe recently. Therefore I have lots of items in search of loving homes!

So this post is just a brief promotion of my gigantic sales album on Facebook, which also contains a lot more than just lolita, just so you know. Contact me there if there’s anything you’re keen on buying and know that I’m happy to take offers ^__^

And because a blog post if boring without pictures, here’s a few of the pretty things I’m parting ways with…

Yes, I even reduced my OTK collection!

And Wonder Party deserves a new home where it'll be worn and loved ^__^

Oh! And we are also selling off the last of the Wonderpunk Jurassic Party fabric so if you loved the cute little dinosaurs but didn’t get one of our skirts, now’s your chance to make whatever you want with this adorable print!

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