Friday, 12 July 2019

What's new in my wardrobe

aka random things that don't warrant their own posts but that I still want to share ^__^

Three things, to be precise!

Recently I finally cleared out my mending box and actually did the things I'd been procrastinating on. One of those jobs was fixing the elastic on Berry Stripe - I'm so happy I can wear it again! And another lolita thing was turning my handmade chocolate JSK into a skirt. Which is now done and even thought it's a mess on the inside and kind of a bit's done! I can finally wear it! I never wore the JSK for reasons I outlined in a previous post so I'm keen to take the new skirt version for a spin.

I was also gifted two lolita style dresses by a friend who realised they probably wouldn't ever wear. One is a pink onepiece that wouldn't fit my wardrobe, but will make for something fun to trash in a guro photoshoot, but the other is this Bodyline chunky gingham number. I have no idea what it's product number is, or if it was a "costume" or "lolita" piece, but I think it's pretty cute. Not something I'd have bought myself but something that I like having added to my collection all the same.

Last of all, at Sydney Supanova James and I paid a visit to The Decora Factory and of course I had to buy something! This headbow actually caught my eye when we visited the store at Madfest earlier this year, but I talked myself out of buying it then. This time I just let myself have it! It doesn't really match anything other than my Flower Bottle skirt but oh well, it's cute and I really love it.

It's always exciting to add some new things into my wardrobe so even though this post is a little bit all over the place I enjoyed sharing and hope you enjoyed reading ^__^


  1. I looked around to see if I could find what that bodyline dress was. I found an old livejournal egl comm sales post about it. It originally came with an apron and detachable sleeves (and maybe also a head bow).
    Here's the stock image:

    1. Thank you for sleuthing that out! Seeing that stock pic I have to say it seems like one of the cutest sets Bodyline has put out - that apron is so adorable!