Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Then and now - how my lolita style has evolved

Ages ago I missed participating in a Lolita Blog Carnival topic that was to share your oldest and most recent coordinates with the same main piece. I've had a folder sitting on my computer with some old coords saved, waiting for me to finally pull out recent comparison pieces. I finally did it this week and actually found it very interesting!

First of all - the biggest time gap I could find! What i loved about this comparison is the bones are the same - bream blouse, cream legwear, minimal accessories - but the vibe could not be more different. In 2014 I did try to do colour balance (the shoes match the hat!) but didn't really have a cohesive style - unless mismatch bohemian art wank is a vibe. In 2018, even though it's still a pretty simple coordinate, the piece I used are more intricate and therefore the whole thing looks less...bland.

I will say though, I really want to wear my bowler hat again now ^__^

My outfit from 2015 is something I'm a bit happier to look back on. It was very old-school, with this amazing weird romantic blouse I found in an op shop. My only issue? It's not very me! It wasn't at the time and it still isn't. My 2018 outfit, on the other hand, is one of my favourite colour schemes and was just something I felt cute and happy wearing.

This comparison with Jam Paradise was interesting because I've paired it with the exact same bolero and honestly the rest of the styling isn't that different either - to me that really shows that by the time I got to 2017 I had a handle on my own lolita style.

That being said, I like the 2018 version more!

Coming into 2019 finally, I enjoyed seeing this comparison. Though I'm really hoping I have some undocumented coordinates with this skirt - I made it in 2015 and it'd be kind of embarrassing if it sat, unworn, for two whole years given how much I wear it now! Lately I've really been coming into my own in terms of casual lolita and while both these outfits are certainly casual, the 2019 is more deliberately casual, if that makes sense? I need more casual tops (or at least, need to wear the ones I have more often) and want to make a better habit of wearing hats in casual outfits - I love hats!

Generally speaking what I found from look at my coords over the years is that I've definitely become far more comfortable wearing lolita. It's only natural that experience (and a greatly expanded wardrobe) means that my newer coordinates are better, but I'm also pleased to have found my feet and know what feels like me. I'll be interested to do this sort of comparison again in a few years and see what my style is like then!


  1. First of all, "mismatch bohemian art wank" cracked me up!
    It's fun how almost all of these comparisons are with more casual outfits. Although the differences with some of them may be a lot more subtle, they definitely do show off that level of polish that you get the more you wear lolita. And I get what you mean about that black x white oldschool one from 2015 - it feels like looking at someone else, maybe a sister or a cousin.

    1. Yay!^__^

      I think it's also because I don't really wear non-casual outfits :p But hey, I guess that's all part of my personal style!

      Haha it's funny because all the women in my family do kinda look the same so it really easily could be. I also blame the fact that 2015 was the year when I thought weird round/oval glasses were a better choice than rectangular frames for me. They were not...