Tuesday, 4 June 2019

AYWI30C #14: Inspired by a mainstream fashion trend

Here's a confession - I am so out of touch with mainstream fashion that I had to google what's currently in. And that was confusing! So many different (and often contradictory) styles are floating around right now, but in the end I settled on a few key features I seemed to see repeated. There's something of a 90s does 60s vibe happening right now, lots of beige with a pop of colour or alternatively bold monochromes, simple lines with structured blazers.

The problem with that is that nothing there immediately lends itself to a lolita coordinate! So I sat in front of my wardrobe and pondered what I could do. In the end, the main aspect I ran with was that 90s does 60s vibe, though I did try and go a bit beige as well!

It took a fair bit of thought to get to my basic idea, and from there it was a lot of tweaking to get to something I actually liked! Neither decade has silhouettes or general aesthetics read very lolita, but in the end I developed something I really do like.

Given that beige neutrals are in, especially with a pop of colour, I wanted to pull out one of my new Axes Femme skirts, with the vague idea of match it with a coloured blouse and legwear. I discovered the these Baby OTKS matched my pink Meta blouse perfectly in colour, and they added a bit more dark brown to match my chosen shoes.

Then, of course, I had to pull all those colours into my headwear. I continued to use chocolate brown in really light touches, but the tan beret perfectly matches the skirt and I was able to bring in both a soft pink and vibrant mauve kind of pink in the bows.

And I added a bow to my bag! Seriously, I don't know how I'd coordinate things without my mass of bow clips - they really help me so much. The heart bag also reads kind of 90s (and a bit 60s) to me as well so it was a good choice for more than just its colour.

I kept accessories pretty simple, but I liked carrying the bear theme of the socks into a general woodland animal theme with this Madillustration badge. I mean, I like to actually match themes properly when I can but I think it's okay in this coord. The only thing I would have liked better is is I had something in a chocolate brown, as I feel the chest is possibly too pink. But regardless, I really like this look. 

Ultimately, whether or not this outfit actually looks like the trends I drew inspiration from, I do like that this challenge has once again encouraged me to put together an outfit that is definitely not something I would have naturally pulled together. It’s a good thing!


  1. Honestly, I have no idea what current fashion trends are, I don't follow any and all the fashion info I get is from my Instagram, which is full of people in either J-fashions (namely lolita and larme), vintage/historical fashion or Lazy Oaf. Even despite working in a school, with quite fashion conscious teenagers all around, I either get to see the trends in fusion wear (lots of South Asian people, many of whom do blend clothes like sharwar kameez with Western bits like jeans) or just Kardashian clones (they honestly all look the same to me). So extra props for actually looking up what's fashionable right now. And once you've mentioned it, I definitely do see those 90s-does-60s influence in this coord. That Axes Femme skirt is also just divine and the more I look at it, the more I want it <3

    1. I have no clue at all what's on trend (ever) so looking it up was necessity rather thna dedication, lol!

      I'm really glad the influence comes across!

      It's a super gorgeous skirt and same here! Can't wait to actually wear it ^__^