Monday, 10 June 2019

AYWI30C #15: Follow the rules

Ahhhh “the rules”. Those lolita rules that are so hard to pin down and that really are, in the end, more guidelines than actual rules.

Generally speaking, when I think of the lolita rules I think of more traditional outfits – sweet looks with white blouses, classic outfits with crochet tights, gothic coordinates with chunky shoes. The main boxes are ticked; shoulders are covered, colours match in a predictable way, and nothing is too unusual. So that’s exactly what I did.

I made sure to stick with a pretty basic colour palette here. Black to match the main colour of the skirt, white to keep it firmly in traditional sweet lolita territory, and a bit of pink for interest. If I were to actually wear this I’d normally go with varied pastels for accessories, but I actually rather liked keeping things a little more limited this time around.

I did, however, make sure to include wristcuffs as part of my accessory choices! They're such a typically lolita thing that there's not way I could not include them. I ran with white, again keeping with the intention to keep things pretty neutral.

Another typically lolita thing (yes, yes, that's more convention than rules, but whatever) was making sure I used the one matching jewellery set I own!

Shoes and bag were both kept simple (sensing a theme here?). I honestly get so much use out of this bag though! One of my best purchases given how much I like to wear black and pink ^__^

I actually really loved this coordinate. Even though it's a lot simpler than I'd normally do, and I don't tend to do "sweet with white" coords, it was actually very refreshing to do a coord like this. I don't see myself wearing it any time soon but it was still a lot of fun to explore. 


  1. There is something so heartwarming and almost nostalgic about seeing a by-the-book sweet lolita with white coordinate. It's what so many people started off wearing and it is a good look that's hard to get wrong. This one definitely gives me nostalgia with the matching plastic jewellery set and the black x white x pink colour scheme. There's nothing wrong with simple and in the age of social media and OTT looks attracting more attention it's good to remind ourselves of that fact.

    1. I'm actually really glad it made you nostalgic ^__^ I has made me feel a bit more comfortable with simple styling, lately I've been adding more to my outfits but now I'm feeling like toning it back down.