Friday, 31 May 2019

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: May 2019

With my personal life being a little less hectic right now, I've really enjoyed the other aspect of blogging more - getting to read other people's posts! Here are some of my favourites from the last month ^__^

Lolita Blog Carnival : The Importance Of Lolita Fashion Publications & Their Impact from Crimson Reflections 
I'm not much of a one for magazines and such, so posts like this (and the blogger's collection!) are really insightful and impressive.

The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Waistbands from A Pair & A Spare
First things first - this is not a lolita specific post. But you need to know how to sew a good waistband if you're into handmade lolita, so it seemed like a worthwhile thing to share regardless. 

My Favourite Things In Oldschool Lolita from Cynical  Neo-Princessism
I mean, this list pretty much covers everything, and I agree with it all.

AYWI30C #1 - Your Trademark Look from Cupcakes and Unicorns
How could I not feature this post? Not only is she doing my prompt challenge (which I still haven't even finished, ahem) but she's doing worn and flatlay version of the coords? And lookbook videos?!? I am so impressed and really looking forward to seeing everything else she does for this series!

There didn't seem to be as many blogs active this month, and I read more than one great post from many of the people posted here so if you don't follow them already I heartily suggest that you do!


  1. Raine Dragon's magazine collection is SOOO impressive! I mean, I knew she had all the GLBs and KERAs, but her article made me realise just how many publications there really are/were. I had no idea about some of those older one-issue-only ones. I bow to her superiority!

    1. Yeah, her collection is absolutely jaw dropping!